Portal-Seekers Network is **NOT SHUTTING DOWN**

There is rumor circulating that we are shutting down. This is not true.

We have players that are actively playing the game and taking care of the networks, shop etc.

For all users/ or future user of the network, keep in mind we would advertise weeks even month in advance if such thing would happen.


I Wonder Who even started it…

OG networks never dies.


Good to know. I hadn’t seen rumors, but some of the high tier portals have been less reliable, so I was getting a little worried. Thanks for all you do!

Good that it’s gonna help those who use it. Seen a few rumours about this, including my price manipulation thread.

One rumour that I’m actually glad isn’t true, despite not using it much a lot of my customers do seem to In order to get to arie

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There is one lovely new shop just adjacent to the arie ps hub…I think it’s had 2 visitors :stuck_out_tongue:
Used to be a very vibrant hub with loads of cool builds (eg. that football stadium!).


I was more thinking of the lambis hub with people people coming through from there via the RTG shop, I think there’s a few others that lead to PS too, The arie hubs in the middle of nowhere last time I looked

I don’t really use the Portal Seekers hub, and yet I too doubt it’d close down at all. I’ve seen the massive WIP tower they’ve been building on Lamblis, and it looks quite impressive.


I was trying to remember where I saw a football stadium before! Shame if it’s gone.

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Hehe our goal has never been to be the biggest portal network, we just enjoy running the network.

We love working with all the networks and systems <3 have always believed the universe is big enough for everyone !

I should note that I believe TNT is the biggest/most used network atm. When TNT started I remember people messaging us warning us that TNT was “going to muscle us out!!! ZOMG”

TNT , Ultima…or any of the many other networks private guilds have setup are awesome! They are made by teamwork and cooporation with the community :heart:

I think having many is a testimate to the community and how many people want to build things for the community :heart:


We just linked up to PS Lamblis yesterday, good to hear that that was not a waste. Was lovely to see PS still around after being away for a few years. I even remembered the portal system. Great job PS!


I believe the three ‘portal guilds’ so-to-say have different regions, either way. Pretty sure Portal Seekers is mainly AUS, if I’m not mistaken. TNT seems to have its HQ on an EU server, and lastly I think Ultima has its hub on a US server?

I could be remembering wrong.

Good to Hear its keeping online , but haven t heared rumours …

Its good to have AS many Networks AS possible every has His Special and every Player can choose which one is best for him.

Thats Not a Contest with Networks its good for the Community

For our ODF Pharao’s Network i choose Beservrona to be First high Tier Planet AS. Example because for many european Players its better than serpensarindi because of Connection.

More Networks more Connection for all :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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