Portal Seekers Raxxa and having a sign renamed

Hello everyone, I have been trying to find out the best way to contact those who manage the portals of the Portal Seekers Hub to have a sign changed. I am new to the game and have not yet found out how this works and I have not found any mailbox to contact the owners privately. The sign that I would like to have changed is located in the Raxxa PS hub and it’s currently named Personal Portal close to Raxxian Sanctuary. If those who manage the network see this, I would like to have the signe changed to Domain of Harmony. Thank you for your help.

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Their discord would be the easiest and probably fastest method of getting it changed

Having a mailbox somewhere there would be a nice way to request in-game. Not everyone likes to join every discord server there is (like me).

So far my was was to put blocks with a sign on it on my side, then have someone from the official discord tell the PS guys.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’m not used to discord, but I will create an account and use that option.

Problem with the mailbox you don’t always get the message in a timely matter or even get a notification about it till days later

For now discord is the fastest way to get a name changes. I understand your point about mailboxes but like @FireAngelDth stated they are not really reliable for now.

Once the notification system is fixed we will reconsider it.