Portal spawned sideways, any advice?


Placed a 1x8 portal, opened it and it was side ways tried bumping and replacing the conduits same thing happened, is it because its too tall? A friend stated that 1 wide portals orientate themselves. any solution?
Thanks in advance.


i removed 3blocks to go in hope ya dont mind :smile:
could not wait to go scoop it out :smile:


I noticed, dont blame you. going to have to redesign it. looks strange now :3


maybe you can hide a second row off conduit in the sword not sure though but it could work


it used to be you could only open 1x portals in a north south position. i thought it had changed to the direction you are standing when you place and or open the portal but maybe not.


Hope they fix the orientation for ye.


Sorted it!! changed it to a 3x1


I don’t use them because I just make a 2x3 since it is the same Oort costs… but from what I understand both portals have to face the same orientation. So like Jeff said north to south.


its a bug - all 1 x whatever portals have their exits open sideways, so if you need a shape like that you just plan exit differently;
I reported that problem quite a while ago and devs said it needs to be fixed sometime in future but sure I dont expect it to be high on list of priorities


Had this Issue, and I managed to sort it out by going back to the first portal and break that one.