Portal takes forever to open. Playing on Ps4


Is it just me or all ps4 players having this issue? Portal for me takes about 3 to 5mins to open. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance


This happens to me too.


Happens to my brothers and I as well. Sometimes portals just won’t open.
I’ve even lost coin opening warps that wouldn’t load.
Kind of turning me off from the game more and more.


I posted in support about this 2 weeks ago as well.

Only got one reply saying people with home bases on the planet get priority (I cant work out how to link my post into this one).

I mentioned that I could be waiting up to 5 minutes and in that time multiple others could be passing through the portal.

No mention if it is ps4 specific, but the indications do seem to be that it is more of an issue on ps4 than pc (please correct me if I am wrong!)


Ditto, if a portal doesn’t open fast (some do) i know from experience i’ll be there for some minutes so i open youtube for a few minutes or check forum :stuck_out_tongue: (like right now)


It’s an issue with PS4 specifically. I mean it’s pretty bad when you go to a portal that is on the SAME world, and it takes 5 minutes to get World Data, on the planet you are already standing on.

Worse is when you go to a portal hub, and the portal you want takes 5 minutes, but the other 2-3 portals near it all open in seconds and running fine! >.<

Seriously, I went through the Portal Seeker’s hub, trying to get back to Ultima’s Portal Network, and took half over an hour just to cross from one hub planet to the next in a line, to get back to the one I started on, cause each world along the way decided to be a pain and wait 5 minutes.

Even worse is that you can’t even blame it on lag or bad connection, cause once I’m physically through the portal, there is no lag, slow down, or anything! It’s ONLY portals opening that is the issue!


I’m on PS4 and I don’t have this issue something to keep in mind when you’re looking at the portal it puts you in a queue for priority also if you look away from it everybody else looking at it or any other portal to that world moves ahead of you


This is a massive issue, that is getting worse.
I can sometimes stand there looking at a portal for up 10min. Now imagine having to go through 4 or so portals to get where you need to go.
This issue, along with the new and constant crashing needs fixing absolutely asap if they wants to keep from losing players.


Not 3 to 5 mins tho, but yes, they take ages to load and makes travelling thru portal networks a pain.

What I do when it times out or thinks the server is offline is look away, up or sideways, and then look back to let it try again which usually seems to help but still takes me around a minute before I can walk thru…


The delay is actually likely caused by the cache of chunks kept on disk being too slow on ps4 (unsure why it can become ‘so’ slow) so that it would well be faster to even just download again instead of waiting to grab from disk… it’s logged in our system to improve it


They really need to fix that… i hate it when you die from atmospheric dmg just because you cant go through portals… ugh


Yeah i know… im actually staring at a portal as i type this lol. It’s freaking annoying


Sorry to hear that. Yeah its getting super annoying for me since i run a hub. I cant even travel to my own home without standing infront of the portal looking like a lost child lol


I know that feeling, at least we know its a known issue, that seems to be getting looked at.

Just trying to set up a ‘mini hub’ on my own at the moment, concentrating on t5 planets now, and on to higher when I can.

With the intention of making it easier for people who want to use it, rather than my main aim to gain from footfall.


They cause crashes as well, take a stroll trough Ultima AquaHub on Finata on ps4, you’ll see what I mean. I read something about the update that’s coming though, I believe it will make it more stable but not sure.


Aye I wear a helmet when visiting now.