Portal & transportation options in the future

Just curious if any additional or alternative types of portals or travel options were being considered.

It would be great if we had :horse_racing: mounts, or vehicles of some sort :red_car:

I really liked being able to open a direct portal to an Exo - even though it’s only a one-way warp and closes quickly. Would be awesome if it could stay open for 10-15 minutes. 50 seconds wasn’t enough time to get everyone through…I had to open it several times. (I assume it’s because it takes a few seconds for the portal to load for some players?)

Possibly some type of portal base, that you just walk into & it doesn’t need to render a copy of the world?


A portal gun would be awesome, although it would probably overlap to much with grapples.


Yeah pretty much any new addition could render grapples as unnecessary if its not implemented properly.

I feel like most tools and foods suffer from this. Like there is not a wide enough threshold between upgrades like other games.

transport tubs like the ones in futurama would be funny and very practical for buildings
if they are fast enough even for roads


We already have grapples. How about wing suits?


To not kill yourself when you get ejected at 9999km/h from your grappling

Remember you need ample time to deploy your wing suit so when you’re close to the ground it’ll unlikely help you.

(Insert far cry 5 or just cause 3 wing suit fail depicting this)

[couldnt find one :sweat_smile: guess no one wants to admit they’ve done that]


I like the idea and I also find it to fast its closing if your low on coins going to an exo hits hard.

Maybe if a portal is opened it is being maintained by coins?
Depending on exo tier for example the max of 3,400
For 15 seconds (ish) love to have it changed to a minute! 5k will make it 5 minutes or something and 10k would let it be opened for 15 minutes so u can pick the cost to pay and it will stay open based on the coins paid then just add a door and lock and ask people for example 300 coins to go and they may pass… this way u earn it back and everyone goes to exo cheaper!

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Wouldn’t Heelys be more the boundless sense of humor source of travel… I can see it now…I’m rushing through Gyosha Mall and almost to that store to buy that stack of hopper eyes when suddenly


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I’m curious about the idea or mention of taking down a titan and potentially receiving a fragment or piece from the titans core that can eventually be used towards powering builds…or something used to craft the engine of sorts for custom designed vehicles crafted by a new type of player who specialises in building vehicles and can upgrade parts and whatnot to increase range, speed, handling, durability etc.

This new player class could then also bring in an additional way to earn and move around money. Like a mechanic/manufacturer type.

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If you wear Heelys while using a max speed grapple…do you break thru the wall…or maybe the speed of light :laughing:

We could sling-shot ourselves to a T8 :crazy_face: