Portal was robbed

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Logged on today and , one of my portals was closed , first i thought i forgot to fill the portal with shards, but the portal token was also gone.
Have guild alignment , but only the guild i use for my Alts.
Not sure how much shards was there , but the portal token should still be there .
This happend on Finata

maybe that token is on another portal?

nope , no token in the other end of portal either

correction, checked again now , and it was there(not there 5 min ago), but still all shards are gone

This happened to me this weekend.

Do you recall if there were some Oort Shards leftover before you had noticed this?

Ow no the hunter mob escaped from dev server :scream:


was going thru the portal , ended up on other side , and then the blocks froze and emptied of ort , mot much but jad for about 1,5æ2 weeks in there, then the token showed up on the other side after running back and forth 2-3 times

I had a portal that had 4 days plus some hours of power left and after the update it had 1 day and some hours dont know how over a night I lost that much

This would explain why some of my portals had lower oort after the update as well.


There’s also another weird and silly bug. Whenever I go out to refuel all the portals of my little network there’s always a few that do something weird like:

  • I look at it, it has 743 shards left
  • I press R2 (on PS4) on a full stack
  • the number in the portal goes up to 900+ (sometimes a few more as usual)
  • then a few seconds later the number goes back again to 743!
  • the shards are then also back in my inventory most of the times BUT not always!

Sometimes I can solve it by doing R2 on the stack in the portal and then adding a whole stack again with R2 but also that doesn’t always work, sometimes then even having a different amount in the portal afterwards. This is usually when I lose oort shards.

Best workaround is DRAGGING the stack from portal to an empty inventory spot and then dragging a 900 stack back into it.

It’s kinda annoying when you want to refuel them quickly and am sure that a few times I didn’t notice the shards jumped back.

Worse is tho that it is eating my shards sometimes when this happens…

I’ve not seen this in game so far. Some of you have said that it had started occurring after the update, however:

@ginabean said it happened on the weekend, which would have been before the update.

How many times has this occurred to all of you?

For me just this once

So for ive only noticed once after the update

I had it happen to me once, sometime between the Free Weekend and last weekend. I know, because I only created that portal during the Free Weekend and I haven’t re-opened it since this past weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly when in that time period it happened because in-game time is Narnia time.

I’ve had a small bug like this with putting iron into the forge… sometimes they refuse to go into running furnaces… they pop out of the inventory, but then pushed back out of furnace like every 20 or so actions

I’ve had one with bottles in the centraforge couldn’t remove it from the center and didn’t show it’s picture in the middle but when I click off and clicked back on it let me make a move and then shown itself.

I can’t say the exact date. All I know is I went to change the token and my Oort was gone. It has also happened to a friend.

However, just this week, two portals were shut down from the opposite direction and my nearly 1800 Oort was gone. That happened this pst Friday.

I’ve seen that a lot when it’s the least bit laggy. Solution that’s worked is to remove any partial stack and an extra 100 or 200 and then click it back. Seems to stick better after a chain of transactions…

I have lost Oort in portals at least 4 times. Once being a noob. Second time I was being a noob who didn’t learn their lesson. And twice from someone closing my portal from the other side.

The first two were several weeks ago. The last two happened Friday 3/7.

I know there were Oort in mine, and the tokens were also gone.I had just filled them the day prior. Each were 2x2.