Portals and rentals

So, if i rent a tier one planet, as I understand it, it will orbit randomly on a tier 1 world. What I wonder is is the cost for opening a portal the same on any tier 1 world?
As in, I want a home base somewhere that leads to my rental planet but it doesn’t really NEED to be on the place it orbits and yet, I’d also like to keep ort costs down. So, is the portal fuel cost the same from any tier 1 world? Or does it need to be THAT world if I want to keep ort prices low? If I am making sense?

It has to be that world or one near it if you want to keep prices low afaik

Sigh. OK :frowning: It’s no big deal. I’m just ready to buiillldddddd. But, that’s on me for wanting to do it in relation to the rentals :slight_smile:

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It hasn’t been confirmed but I think for logic reasons you’ll be able to pick the location of your sovereign. It’d be unfair if it were RNG whether it’s a 1x2 or 2x2 from your base to your sovereign.

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I thought I read somewhere at the start of it all, that it was random what planet it orbited?


Someone definitely said that, but obviously that makes no sense from a purely logical standpoint.

I get frequent lag on EU planets. I can’t imagine they’d force me to be on an EU server if I bought a planet.

That was the original statement from the developers, but many of us have been pushing them to rethink that stance. Nothing official about it changing though.


  • Private worlds will be shown orbiting the world they are assigned to only similar to Exoworlds, but without crazy motion or particle effects.
  • Private worlds are always 1 blinksec from their assigned world in the main Universe. This means 2 private worlds orbiting the same public world will be 2 blinksecs apart.
  • Allow admin control over where temporary worlds will be inserted into the universe to override default semi-randomised behaviour. By default, worlds will be attached to a world of the same level in the same geographical region.

And here is @ReebanRuben asking the tough questions! (Go Reeban!)


Initial logic is you basically choose a region and tier - so you won’t end up orbiting a planet on a server not physically located close to yourself IRL.


There could be reasons it has to be random, I guess. I don’t know enough about their system… anything about it really :wink:

I think there is some concerns about every rental ending up around the same planet.

Well I hope their random is better than my random, cause mine would STILL have them all orbiting the same planet :)))

Considering how the forge rng can give you bad results 17 times in a row… it may not work out as expected.