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Hi guys, any chance of you building portals out to Lutrion and Lasaina any time soon please?


yes, this will be happening within the next few days. we just need to get the plots and conduits for it. Sorry for the delay!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I can give you full atlases of Lasaina if you’d like. Maybe Lutrion too if I manage to find the spare time.

@Simoyd anyway i can help? Im setting up a portal network myself, and was hoping to cross networks with you guys so theres more continent access all over. Im currently on serpensarindi mining diamonds for power cores. If i find a healthy amount, want me to send some coordinates you guys way?

atlases work pretty well to find hot spots of resources, but thanks for the offer ^_^.

Currently we have gateways on all planets but the AUS T2 which will be hooked up tomorrow.

I’d love to see your portal network too! Shoot me some coordinates and I’ll swing by =D

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Its kind of a one man gig right now, so its nothing impressive to look at :sweat_smile: there’s one location i’m wanting to build up though; so im going to be focusing my attention to that area. Its on serpensarindi, and its a pretty massive place. I thought i walked into morrowind for a second lol.

I didn’t see one on the Aus T1 when I mapped it. Did you put one in since yesterday?

I’m happy to help around Lasaina if I can. Happy to build up a lovely portal design if needed.


yes. It’s linked to boori now

sure! it would help to get a decent amount of different kinds of woods/stones from lasagna, and maybe some small amount of stuff like soil/ash/gravel. We can refine the wood/stone and make it look really nice!

If we wanted to have a portal from our village go to the Portal Seeker Network, how does one go about doing that?

Easiest way is to join the Portal Seekers discord [LINK] and ping @Portal Keeper in the #portal-network channel. One of the online portal keepers will sort you out.

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