Positivity Only Thread For Steam Weekend 85% Off Sale

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The subject of this thread is: Expel positivity about the game, via sharing the sale. :slight_smile:

If you don’t wish to do so, then don’t. :slight_smile:

This thread, if anyone wishes to respond, is for positivity about the game based on this sale, that’s all. :+1:

So, pimp it on all your favourite people. :kissing_heart:

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Buying from Steam or Humble, even on sale, gives revenue to Square, supporting the servers continuing to run. Buying from cdkeys likely does not provide new revenue for anyone but cdkeys.


I agree no new revenue, but they did get revenue from the initial purchase granted it was legit.

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I saw the sale a few days ago and shared on facebook, I’m always pimping this game out lol. Even if I don’t play like I used to, I don’t put over 1200 hours into something I don’t enjoy…


For me it’s more about SE seeing the bump in sales when the price is lowered than them actually receiving the revenue. At this point idk if I can think of any gamer friends I haven’t already sent it to though :joy: :sweat_smile:

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Here is to 1,000+ new players!

I’ll buy some sovereigns to hold them if that happens

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I put up a tweet about it just now. :slight_smile: Second deep sale in a row - and it does seem to be bumping up the numbers some, and seeing newcomer-type questions in the game chat.

It does give me hope as, if they had no more plans, why the deep sales? Wouldn’t seem to be worth it financially in that case. I’ll hold out a bit of hope for my best case… it was leaked by Sony insiders that the details of their new subscription service will be announced early as next week. If there is a chance Boundless could be on one of the tiers, would make sense to get some more new PC players on first, get some newcomer activity going. And it would explain a lack of Sony sales. We wouldn’t likely get a massive flood of PS players right away if it happens - of those that buy an upper tier, take a small % who download it right away, then of those who really give it go quickly - but certainly would revitalize the game.


I’m going to get it on PC myself because I have a gift card i’ve been wanting to use (20$, more than enough). I’ll give out the details of my new character after I do the acc on PC

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I was in a huge discussion with some friends about subscription services. The only real benefit to a subscription service to me is if it is one of those that are a streaming service which allows lower-end PCs to run higher-end games, but even this has it’s issue as it is reliant on a good internet connection.

Another issue I found was just like Netflix you cannot choose what games are on the service nor can you guarantee it will remain on the service. Games are removed from these services quite often sadly. if you only play a few games it really winds up costing you more money that just buying the game outright.

In my eyes, subscription services face a huge uphill battle and it really hurts the gaming industry more than it helps. I’d prefer control over my game library, especially one that I am paying for. In the end though, I prefer to own my games, not rent them.

To keep it positive, if these platforms do anything, I hope they help Boundless…

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It’s a Square Enix sale, so almost all games are included.

By the way, Boundless isn’t featured on the sale section created for the event on Steam. So yes, it’s on sale but does’t seem they think it’s “worth it”.


I do see Boundless on here - Square Enix Publisher Sale (steampowered.com) Edit: I do see a few of the other popular SEC games on there, removing that here, haha.

I also see Boundless as one of the three featured games on SEC’s page - SQUARE ENIX | Collective - Games (square-enix-games.com) Of course, not to be negative in a positive thread but I know it could also be a last-effort attempt by SE to stir interest. However, it being a deep rather than just a slight sale, and two of those back to back, is what has my interest. I’m trying to hold out some sort of hope that there maybe is SOMETHING up their sleeves here.

On subscription services as @Redlotus mentioned, I didn’t think I’d like Game Pass as much as I do. It really is a killer deal. Yeah, the downside is many eventually will leave the services, but they usually get a good amount of time. And they are huge for indies -

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Whoops, edited post for any who saw before, I do see some of the other SEC games on there that I overlooked.

I checked the section again from the Steam app, and it’s been mostly renewed, the on sale section now features random stuff with a lot of “mixed” reviews and other things like Boundless.


I offered free Boundless steam keys to people on my friends list on Facebook for Christmas. No one wanted one. :frowning:

Subscription services are good to test games out inho. I have many players on my Steam friendslist that have 50+ games they bought and only played for a few hours. A subscription service where you try out these games first is a good option to preteat games you want to play abd than buy them. do this once a year bevore there is a sale, buy what is reduced, put the rest onyour whishlist abd then play the games you bought throughout the year.

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I’d comment more on this but the thread is about the sale of Boundless being 85% off.

Make a sale for on playstation store too. It would probably increase the player base by at 10%. With a sale 85% off on steam is good for trying to get more players they need some more help. I like that they have sales on steam but just one service for the game needs some help. More players might come tho and boost the player base which I think is a helping hand for the game especially if they get things like gleam club. Let us hope this sale helps boost the player base