Possible ideas for a grapple instruction area

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I’ve been thinking about building some kind of grapple instruction area for a little while now, but I’m not sure how I want to do it. I’ll br finishing up with my tree relatively soon, so I think it’s time for me to plan this next bit.

Two ideas:

  • Instructional signs across open terrain
  • Narrative experience with grappling challenges

Instructional signs across open terrain

This idea would just be some signs and structures spread across, say, the desert canyons of Ceph Merika, teaching how to overcome various grappling challenges and some techniques to go over both rough and smooth terrain faster

Narrative experience with grappling challenges

This idea would teach the same ideas, but would be in a more compact narrative experience, probably exploring a ruined laboratory or ancient ruins or something. Probably with both story and tutorial signs, possibly having more repetition. Think like a game where it teaches you soemthing, has you do it a few times, then teaches something new, slowly combining the ideas.

So, I’m going to put a poll here - how would you prefer to learn this? Straightforward tutorial, or a walkinggrappling simulator game? Please also give more detailed feedback if you have it, though.

  • Instructional signs across open terrain
  • Narrative experience with grappling challenges

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If you vote for the narrative bit, definitely feel free to suggest themes/stories.

Ultimately, I may decide differently from the result of the poll - but I think this may help me decide.


Have you been spying on me? 1 year 6 months in and if I die 9 out 10 cuz I suck at grappling.


Bunny off to bed


Grappling is hard. If you don’t pick up on the handful of quirks and tips for getting around, or if they just dont click for you - it can be a nightmare for sure.

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If it wasn’t for Roylln I’d just set my grapples in a box but he keeps me trying on our redwoods.