Possibly starting a business

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Been thinking of starting up a business, more specifically a mining business! My first planet of choice is Biitula because of ancient tech components and a somewhat medium-sized swath of land to start out with. I plan on making just small mining outpost at first then shift into a shop. Once I feel fine with getting all the stuff I need or want, I was thinking of maybe selling the plots to someone who wants it. Maybe people will build an underground Mole city? Up to them imo.

Besides Bittula any other planets I should be aware of to start thinking of doing the same thing there?

Hyrule is one

I would gladly help especially with you being newer and me being well funded when I get a chance I would help


Tech components etc sellbror a lot less than many other things. If you are doing a mining business I would definitely start on a t5/t6 with good gems for example galan for Topaz


In all fairness he is newer so here’s my idea wait till you can get full atmosphere skills then do this because I like this idea and I’m always planning on doing new business stuff wether it be chain of stores, renting/selling houses or this new idea

@ghandymarshall is right even tough these resources like tech, fossil, coal are used in and for crafts gems/metals are a better resource to aim for and see the other resources more like a byproduct.

I include metals with gems as a “main” resource as it is most likely one goes to town for those resources while the rest are an “extra”.

To give an example about a year ago i sold most of my tech. Now im “drowning” in them again. As I don’t use as much as i gain.


I think it depends on your goals here. Do you want to make coin from mining? Or do you want to make coin and also collect/use these resources for yourself. Either way selling them isn’t going to be all that lucrative, but if you are going to be collecting them anyway since you are mining for yourself it’s just bonus coin really.

Ideally, if you are looking to make some coin from mining as stated from the others Gems would be a safer bet and would probably sell better. I seldom rely on mining as a coin generator, but I do sell the items at times, but as I said it’s just a bonus. Out of most of my mined materials I found that other than gems the only really good seller is fragments. Even though it all sells… it just depends on your goals from mining.


Its a ton of rock. And people need rock for some builds

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Depending on color… rock won’t sell for a lot…
I have tons and tons of rock :joy::rofl::joy:.
I have a bit up in stands on Lamblis :wink: might even just mint it eventually.

(To get a bit of coin out of it)


But i am digressing :wink: you could eventually expand that to a other “craft” block. Like marble concrete bricks and mosaic.


If Build a giant brick out of different colors and let the beacon burn out i could farm ash as well xD

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I mine A LOT, but I also have created a huge color storage for Rock, Wood, Gleam, etc. I just stockpile it mostly and any overflow I push to a shop. There is nothing wrong with selling rock … you might can even make some money with it, but crafting it into something more valuable may be a better option.


Or you can store rock in the reclaim storage.it gets sorted too :smiley:


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