Post Alpha World Persistance

I have been getting allot of mixed messages about server resets when the game goes beta. Some of the community has said that they will be keeping the alpha worlds and are treating the early access community as world builders, to pre populate the world with some human touches. Others have said that this is just for testing and will be reset do to the potential of providing too much of a head start for the early access users as opposed to the new users.
Can anyone give me a straight answer to this question? My friends and I have been working on a RP town and have put quite a bit of work in the foundation alone so far, I would really like to know if we are basically wasting our time. If anyone wants to see the start of the city we are building its in Keuehok (204, -1429)

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Here’s my opinion. Whether or not our builds are preserved at launch, there are several good reasons to continue building anyway.

• Being able to play an awesome game months in advance
• Having a first-row seat to the game development process (watching an alpha prototype grow into a fully fledged game)
• Making awesome builds the devs can use in screenshots and videos
• Interacting with the very cool Oort community (and getting your builds and ideas featured in Youtube vids and podcasts and stuff)
• Enjoying the experience of building alone or with friends and pushing the limits of what the game has to offer at each stage (helping it become great)

I spent a month on a big build in Gortnen before I even heard about the likelihood of a reset, and at first I was definitely disappointed. However, for the reasons stated above, I’m definitely having more and more fun with Oort.

Though our builds may or may not make into the launch, our work and ideas will.


@darkrepulsor Let me clarify…wasting my time = filling a floating island with dirt for 200k blocks vs building an island and not filling it :smiley:
So next question. Has anybody heard of the developers wanting to keep interesting builds and put them into worlds? There are some awesome villages and cities out their that feel organic and would add to the flavor of the game to create centers of commerce. If left to finding resources and building areas of commerce just about every post released city will be a hodgepodge mess .

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The thought of losing what you’ve worked so hard on is what makes it all the more valuable. It doesn’t matter whether you lose your creations in the future, but how they’ll be remembered then after.

They have said that should worlds need to be wiped, they do have the ability to export parts and add them into another world.

As @ardos commented - we can export worlds (and even subsections of worlds).

We don’t have a rigid plan for the current worlds from here to 1.0 and beyond. These worlds are the environments that we’re using to help develop, test and iterate features and the game against. We will try hard to make sure they’re stable and long lasting, ie. we’ll not do unnecessary wipes. (The team has already worked pretty hard to keep these worlds live. You don’t always see the work they do to migrate and maintain them between updates. You only see the downtime when the migrations don’t work smoothly :wink: )

If there is sufficient demand - at a minimum we could allow players to download the worlds if we needed to take them offline. This would allow players to keep their creations and play them locally. “Download my beacon” also feels like a relatively simple feature to add.

As ever - let us know what you want, campaign for it - and we’ll try and make it happen.

Finally - we’ve never wiped a world yet.