Post your public Gleam spheres here!

What is the best way to get to Paka’s Palace?


In the TNT Hub at Circarpous, go through the Serpensarindi portal at the bottom, and keep going straight through until you reach Alcyon. There at TNT Alcyon, there is a portal off in one of the corners to Paka’s Palace. :slight_smile:


I have white gleam ■■■■■, you can see one with a convenient platform (grapple up to the ball unless you know how to do that flip over the edge thing with grapples) and the other ball you can see when you step through the portal (from Tigg’s Tunnels Delta Canceret Stop) I’m going to make stairs for.

Tread lightly, make no preserves, regen bomb if you’ve decimated the gleamball or left a place wrecked esp if a falling hazard.


I just made a little hub to my low tier gleam ■■■■■! I have planets with Silk Lavender (T2), Warm Magenta (T2), Warm Red (T1), Warm Moss (T1) and Light Blue (T1). There is a portal at the TNT Public Gleam Farm. I have two more planets on the way. What other low-tier farms are people wanting to see? :heart:


I see someone unlocked Green gleam! :smiley: I think I can change Sheogorath today, if so I’ll add that there. :slight_smile:

Edit: Scratch that, I see my T1 gleam farm, Nowhere (portal at Sylva on Raxxa) is up in 14 hours. Green will be better there. :slight_smile: So I’ll add that there as soon as I can, then put something else on Sheo.

Heads-up, I did ask for deletion of the farms that only had a bit of time left on them, so I could get all of the ones I needed done at once.


Ok, Strong Slate was also new, so put that on Sheogorath, as I like the color even if it clashes with the rest of the planet. :slight_smile: As I said, will do the green on Nowhere later!


Exciting news, all of Paka’s spheres are now linked to the Gleam Hub for a 3 week period :smiley:


Thanks!! :smiley:

And the Green is up now too! :grin: Edit: Just realized I need to rename the beacon, haha!



I unlocked a new one - Cold Viridian! It is really pretty too… I think I might replace the portal to my Pandora gleam farm (since I’m going to let Pandora go) and create one for here. There are gleam spheres here but I didn’t take a picture, this pic is just to show the color… also, might post again when it’s up.

In the meantime, the planet is Help Me! - warp from Alcyon.


Ok, got the farm up, did replace the Pandora portal. :slight_smile: Keeping the other Shock rental with it’s farm up for now, might even renew it for a bit as I like it so much, though this planet has the better Topaz mine.


Edit since I can’t post again:

Got Crisp Yellow up now! Probably won’t be a keeper though, with my toxics thinking I’ll let them expire and just roll new ones each month.

Portal isn’t labelled yet, but shown in the pic. Paka’s Palace once again.

I have regular spheres but went with this blob area because of the location, other good resources nearby. The spheres aren’t solid, so I’d recommend grappling to the top then working your way down to the foliage - some are pretty thick and the foliage does keep you from falling.

Also, since I didn’t think this one warranted a mine built (lot of hotspot but the concentrated areas spread out a bit), have some atlases here with emeralds already in them for those who want to do that too.

Edit yet again…

Someone unlocked Shadow Violet. :smiley:

I’ve got one T1 farm that I changed to it, BUT only has a bit less than two days remaining. But you could load up quick if you wanted! Portal at Illuminaughty, it is the Oorty’s Folly one posted earlier. However, I put it on an axe list so I can’t guarantee this won’t go poof while you’re actually on it. :rofl:


There’s now a road from the spot you arrive on BASH at to the white gleamball another player helpfully built a platform under. The road is in progress but usable, just stick to the frame blocks once you get to where I haven’t filled the road pattern in yet. I’ll probably leave it as white gleam (if I can transfer my *&^#$&##^% money to a new card and keep the planet… still struggling with this schpoo). If you build a stash shack along the road please keep the frontage minimal, I’d rather it look like the bridge over the Arno than a suburb.

Also, there’s a portal from the TNT Circ hub to Tigg’s Tunnels Circ stop, next stop is Delta Cancret with the portal to BASH.

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Kara Prime, at 1 blinksec of Beckon, is my Public Bright Blue Gleam Farm :

Normally, Bright Blue Gleam is available on Flan, but it’s a T5 and only 2 formations of like 9 gleam blocks. This big ball of T1 gleam is way more practical. Have at it.

Also, here are the world’s block-colors :


I’m looking for someone who would be ok to keep fueling a portal from that public farm to wherever they want, as I clearly won’t be able to handle that because of my IRL schedule. I’m ok with maintaining the farm’s beacon on my GC and the world-fuel with my wallet… but I really hate going on hunts.


Chromis I gleam switched to Dark Turquoise.
Available via Gyosha Mall.


Nobody has chosen cool lime or teal yet.

Planet Xertis VI has teal gleam available. Platform set up under some gleamballz.
Warp to it from Shedu, or use the portal to it located on Vandi I (through the Deathgate on Alnitans)


Should have checked this first, haha - just changed Cornucopia to teal! :slight_smile: So a couple options now! :smiley:


Coming soon. The gleam color may change, but it’s currently Strong Lavender. Located on Melancholia which has a portal on Delta Cancret at the TNT/Core hub. Feel free to drop by!


There are Cool Lime gleam spheres on planet :man_facepalming:, warp from Flan. No portal, not sure if I’ll put one up, apologies!


Rambling below, & here &… main message is BASH is still open with white gleam and a road all the way from the portal from the Delta Cencret node of Tigg’s Tunnels (check out mah spong und mold farm on Delta via the next portal to the right of it too :D. ) up to a gleam ball (will add more ramp for harvesting from the middle too. I’m going to change most of the colors back to what they were last month, I’m finding too much color change frumps the muscle memory of fast harvesting a particular color set… right now it’s very powdery but it’ll go back to mostly golden, coppery, brown, red, colors, like a deep dark jewel-tone saturated autumn leaves color pallete minus all green & blue. excited to see if any of the colors i’m hoping for are available next color rotation. :smiley:

I’d love to hear form you if you have a muddy t1 off Alder or Maryx that’s publically harvestable, esp if you allow gatherers to build litttle harvest-huts, if the planet has no local portal, being able to build a hut is really awesome.

Last time I checked I couldn’t find the information on a planet that says whether a random like me can drop a plot on a particular planet – there’s an amazing online tool (if I can find it again, I’m loving BUTT by the way),

Q: is there a way to see if a planet one finds in the web-based lookup also allows one to plot?

II wish we could control where on the planet and how big w/o having to be hands-on, but maybe that’ll be a thing for someone to cook up as a mod for their sovereign universe… tool augments would be nice too ;D

omg after weeks of banging my head against the stubborn card service i’ve been using, i finally may have gotten through whatever nutty hoop it finally took to tranfer cash out to a real banking account… so that card i’ve been using is total ■■■■ and their call center gives different answers every time you talk to them, but WHEW i am going bonkers waiting to see the cash xfer and crossing my fingers that no more screwery pops up in this really annoying process. thanks everyone who offered help/non-lacerating feedback/etc, it all helped me finally question the info the card service kept giving me and i’m bouncing like a maniac excited about what imma gonna do with a fiftful of cash on the planet store :D. Without getting into details I want to apply PIF Play It Forward b/c this community rocks sooooo much.

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Because this information isn’t available via the official API, and nobody has figured out a good way to scrape it, the only way to get the info is if people provide it.

Boundless Info does provide that when possible.
This one has it:
This one does not:

Posting a thread using the boundlexx forum post maker will get it picked up by a bot that will add it to the API. I believe there is also a bot on the TNT(?) discord that will let you tell it the plotting & editing status of a world.