Post your public Gleam spheres here!

Hot sepia

Planet Arkana t4 lush, orbiting Circarpous.
Portal from my base (PS circa hub - Heureka - Arkana).
No farm so far.


did you pick the colors ?

Most of them, yes. Will be a material farming planet for now…

Looks fantastic as it is! :ok_hand:


Bright Red spheres on Oria V, warp from Cephonix Merika, no portal, apologies! But made this a T3 rather than going for gems again so easier farming. :slight_smile:


This is one of my fav coloured gleam.Got to go visit your gleamball many more times yet i love the colour so much :heart: Beautiful planet.Thx for great colour★

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Thanks so much, so happy if my rentals are proving useful to anyone! :smiley:


Vivid Teal and Azure (both tier 1) are now accessible through the TNT Gleam Hub. Vivid Slate is accessible through TNT Alnitans (portal on right side of hub). :heart:

Vivid Teal (through TNT gleam hub)

Azure (through TNT gleam hub)

Vivid Slate (through TNT Alnitans hub)


Very nice, great design!! :smiley: :+1: Perfect use for all the trampoline blocks I picked up with the exo, might have to add something like that under a couple of mine.


Thank you! I spent hours farming those on the BD exo :slight_smile: Your ■■■■■ and blobs are great too! So helpful! :heart:


Thanks!! :smiley:

Just got a T1 Violet gleam farm up, found a nice merged ball to use for it.

Edit: Did get a portal up to it, grabbed S9 at PS Beckon. Also tokens at Sylva, Raxxa… going to add tokens to this stand to other gleam spots that I don’t have portals to.

This one I might add a little life to, not sure yet. Might just be four weeks. Edit again: Also possible I might keep it and rotate it to different colors I want each month.

Within the day there should also be a portal open to a Strong Cherry farm at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon. Might not be spheres, got a huge mountain of the stuff I will probably use. :wink:



I desperately want to put up all the tokens for your worlds in the gleam hub but it is so hard to keep up :joy: :joy: :heart:


I have made a crisp tan gleam ball farm on my newest planet. It is accessible via TNT norkyana.

Edit: forgot to add location

The portal is to a planet called beta hydra. (Name subject to change, still not sure what to call it)


Ok, these two aren’t done yet, still have to build stairs and fill in some platforms, but they’re accessible now, portals open, so just watch your step if you use them today! (Might come across me working on them) :wink: Both T1 farms!

First - I wasn’t even going to finalize this until two nice colors unlocked a bit earlier. Planet is Oorty’s Folly, and I grabbed a portal at Illuminaughty, pretty close to the TNT portal, shot shows the location, it is the pink one. Turquoise gleam. This will only be a four week world.

Second is Nowhere, access through Sylva, Raxxa - portal to there at TNT. This one I will keep, and the color will change each month. Will be my primary gleam farm, and so I plan to expand the platforms around there a bit perhaps, maybe even build some other stuff around here. Cool Slate gleam.


Have I told you lately that I love you! :heart:Thank you so much for all the planets! So many beautiful colors are opening up. I C A N T S T O P !! Think I will roll another T1 too to see if I can get a new vivid or pure color! :rainbow:

Note: I feel there should be a crow emoji.

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I think you might be worse than @Soju-VB and I. Here I thought we needed an intervention but you might be in a bigger need of one :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol… very true! But I am winding down (I hope) :wink:


If I wasn’t working today I probably would have got one or two to replace the ones I had deleted

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Thank you, really means a lot to me!! :smiley:

Haha, fighting the urge to roll another too, though think I’m winding down as well… really telling myself to wait a few weeks until the earlier ones expire though and focus on farming those I’ll let go, setting up my mines on the keepers. :joy: I’ve read squirrels only remember the locations of like 10% of the nuts they hoard and that sounds a lot like me and my collection of rentals and remembering exactly what I have out there. :sweat_smile: :flushed:


Speaking of this… from some experimentation it appears for resource farming planets, like say Rosetta Nox for example… the respawns will slowly taper off over time due to the way regen can replace a plant with pretty much anything else in the chunk and since no one normally clears everything from a chunk, I think over time if farming just the same sought after resources then the planet will slowly get slighty worse and worse for that resource as other things spawn to take its place (like boulders in caves underground that you don’t even know spawned during the chunk regen).

With all of that said, it makes me think, for surfaces resources at least, that rolling a fresh pure resource farming planet every 30 days “might” be better for resources than keeping the same planet for over a year… but I might be wrong :wink: