Post your public Gleam spheres here!

TNT -> Houchus -> Azure Gleam portal



10 char

Just got Deep Fuchsia up - Stellamaris III, portal labeled Deep Fuchsia Gleam at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon. Go through TNT Alcyon portal to Paka’s Palace, the portals to my places there right off on the right. :slight_smile:

Will put a token stand up later for a few other good areas here. Almost stuck with the Stale Tan gleam I rolled, as it kind of looked golden, but figured I might be able to use this one more.

df1 df3 df5


Sovereign planet Crematoria T5 Green gleam spheres lived, accessed from Alpha Centauri

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Planning on building a triplemax prison?


Crisp Teal (199)

World Name: Arda

  • TNT Gleam Farm Hub (sign reads Crisp Teal / Warm Viridian)
  • TNT Megahub (Sovereign Wall)

World Post:


Which portals lead to this? Thanks :smiley:

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Nova golda, River towns, gyosha mall, dk mall, portal seekers, lamella farms


Thanks :smiley:.


Any pure red gleam? I am waiting for it.

Are there any stark mustard or pale berry farms?

Any cherry gleam?
Or red gleam?

I’ve got stark azure spheres and blobs at Evil Paka’s Lair :smiling_imp:, warp from Norkyna. This is another throw-away play-around for four weeks and no portal - but I’ll post these still if ok in case any here find them useful. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been taking the cube fields on my latest rentals - I like farming inside them, safe and get some refined while at it.


Thanks. We appreciate all that you do. I myself got some black, night azure, hot orange, and warm viridian today thanks to the new hub.
Again, thanks!
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I’m having trouble finding the planet with shadow red gleam, does anyone know how I get to it?

Try TNT gleam farm hub, you can find a portal in the TNT MEGA HUB, next to the planet portals

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Thank you @JaceyLive

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Is luminous red gleam available somewhere?

I have light orange spheres at 917N -977E on aloneagainor. There’s a portal to it (the world) from the bottom floor of the DK tree at Eresho. But I don’t have a platform built.

added to my farm on Atlantis a new platform, now you dont need a grapple and can hit always full 3x3 gleam

you can find my black gleam farm in Ultima Hub on Eresho in the Sovereign World Section