Post Your Screenshots!


argh japan like I love it


Elyria Castle :slight_smile:




Aquatopia 20mill Dunedragon 10mill


Today, later on, I’ll chek your castle :smiley: i am finally back on activity :wink:



Boundless roof!


Someone sneeking around in my home xD


Get his ass whooped.


Im a ghost xD


I fixed a similar issue with static props vanishing so may fix that too.


Great where about to report it just did know what to type xD



Meant to post this a while back. TFW you are too involved in surface resource hunting.

First (and last) time, heh. 99999 dmg seems a bit… excessive. :wink:


Found some new players if you see them give them a hand xD




Hi guys, with the exciting news we get today i decided to post some screenshots of my creations during the early access process.

My Warehouse

My first Workshop

My current and last project (second workshop)

Since the release is coming soon, i am not going to finish and prepare for the release.

If you want to visit it, go to the Portal Seeker Espilo hub at this location. You will have access to the warehouse at the right of this portal when you enter it.




hahah that beacon i remember well it grew wild in the woods didn leave for 6months