Post Your Screenshots!


Thanks :blush:. Hoping my fence turns out okay too. Tired of the spitters on my property lol


Got bored so made an oortian fish tank real quick lol



They can pass through though best up those skills


Not if they are two high. And my skills aren’t an issue. If anything not having enough skill pages is the issue. Lol 3 isn’t enough. I just don’t like trespassers. Hate using my weapons on little guys


Me working on the next generation of guild buffs :zipper_mouth_face::construction:


Can ya add a machine buff :grin:


He’s somewhere on Lamblis!
Get him! :joy:


Its a copy of the live server i’m just running on my machine unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue: only I live on this world surrounded by empty cities :cry:



A small update on the ]i[lluminoorti settlement on Phem.


Oortchard Supply will be opening up over at New Leyden soon :smile: Gonna be selling lots of plants that could go well with your settlement!


You selling the building too? Looks like one giant plant :stuck_out_tongue:


Sneak preview:

]i[lluminoorti Shop for functional items


New Leyden @Gellis


not for sale!.. unless I decide to move :wink:


Was all of this on Finata? I’d love to know how the statues on the bottom were figured out.


The statues are in finata and the mermaid is in the finata exchange. The squid is in sunken city on scholitain


That’s my neighbour :slightly_smiling_face: … haven’t seen him around for a while though, hopefully it’s just a temporary break


Rly creative way to add flowers into water! I like it.
Its like a lilypad?
Ps gonna steal that


yeah that is the idea. Thank you! Nyuudles and I came up with it playing around :slight_smile: