Post Your Screenshots!


Yes looks awesome.



Thank you all guys ^^

It isn’t finished! It’s just the raw base, now I’m setting up ideas and materials;
on the “temple” under the egg-sphere there are 2 portals, 1 for the inside and the other one takes you on top of the sphere - a nice view of the city from there ^^



Lake side and Capital of Therka view, and my home sweet home




All I wanted was the little green box.


perfect finale im framing this 6 piece art piece


go to the ring worlds they said
hunt meteorites they said
its gonna be fun they said


Had to have been the ones sending the meteorites that said that.:slight_smile:


Now they are laughing…


Here’s their recruit campaign, targeting enthusiastic and naive Oortlings:


OMG … do that in a better quality and it will be the best boundless fun pic I’ve seen in years! ^^


only had patience to add layer and bring the hat to top to cover oorts head like






Soon to be the maze from hello there.


is it as large to the back as it is broad??? ^^ (so 8x8x8 chunks?)


It will be working on it.8x8x8 262,144 blocks solid. I may not stop at 8x8x8 the sky is the limit.