Post Your Screenshots!


Hi guys, with the exciting news we get today i decided to post some screenshots of my creations during the early access process.

My Warehouse

My first Workshop

My current and last project (second workshop)

Since the release is coming soon, i am not going to finish and prepare for the release.

If you want to visit it, go to the Portal Seeker Espilo hub at this location. You will have access to the warehouse at the right of this portal when you enter it.




hahah that beacon i remember well it grew wild in the woods didn leave for 6months


We need your help to hit great city and it could be fun something to do before 1.0 :slight_smile:




Power and Beauty!
Jaw-dropping screenshots. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:



the virus has taken over the hub aswell :slight_smile:


@the-moebius It’s beautiful! I love it!


still got 800 to place :smile:


Just in the process of building an aqueduct, If anyone wants to build near by they are more than welcome to tap off of it if they like. 2 hills available as well perfect for that reclusive hideaway :sunglasses: :smiley:


Super Nice work :+1:
A wall of floating water :grinning:


Thank you :grinning: if I had enough plots and time I’d have it flowing off at all different heights and places with loads of plants and climbers and trees to create a sort of hanging garden.


how can I get there?


There’s a portal in Therka market in the corner, GreyArt Supplies, then the exit on the left :smile:


I’ll go visit right away.:sunglasses:


It’s still work in progress so still loads to do but your’e more than welcome :grinning:


before this world disappears…


Check this out! LVL 244 :slight_smile: