Posting rate limits

The forum had quite strict ‘first day’ limits on posting that I’ve changed. Was previously limited to only 10 replies, now it’s more like 30. Let us know if you hit the limit and we’ll take another look.

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Could you do so we get a warning before reaching said limit?

its an automated system, they dont control it, so i imagine they dont

That would be nice, I’m not sure you’ll hit it now though :slight_smile:

Well i know that the forum has the ability to discover similarity in topics and tell you about it and warn you if you post too much in a topic. So i thought it maybe would be possible.

Well i just thought it would be nice i know people who posted 60-120 posts during their first day at a forum :slight_smile:

liar. i got 6 in and couldnt do anything until for 24 hours xD

It was another forum with other limits though.

I think a 30-40 post limit is reasonable though as i have met too many spammer/very strange people to not think it is a good idea.

I totally reached the limit for 2 hours time :stuck_out_tongue: