[Postoned] Cheap Lucient Exoplanet warps!

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Due to a conspicuous lack of exoplanets, all departures are temporarily postponed.

Watch this post for future updates.

Want to explore the exotic Exoplanets, but don’t want to shell out 3000 coin to get there? Meet up and join the Illuminoorti Exoplanet expedition for a fraction of the cost and join us in a group warp! We will be hosting 3 group warps to SECURED BUNKERS on the new exotic exoplanet tomorrow.

Meet up at ]i[ Illuminoorti Consulate onboard our ship The Indoortmitable to be escorted to our secured warp locations to join our group warp. Located in Aquatopia on Beckon at coordinates 1,104N 874E (Alt 73) just East of the Aqua Embassy Portal Hub.

There will be three group warps Wednesday at 13:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC, 19:00 UTC (0800 CDT, 1100 CDT, 1400 CDT in the USA) and warp tickets are 500c each. Please don’t try to sneak in without a ticket…

Join us in our discord, too! https://discord.gg/TSWVKxP


Okay, will do


What is UDT? Am assuming you mean UTC?

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Oops, I’ll correct that! I’m a bit sleepy :joy:

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All the easier to sneak past :stuck_out_tongue:

But this actually a great idea for those poor in pocket

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Don’t mean to throw a spanner in the works, but warp costs are much cheaper from a T6->T7 than they are from a T1->T7.

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Hello captain obvious :nerd_face:

On testing the cheapest route to T7 was from a T3, 980c :smiley: T4 was more expensive for some reason.

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Wouldn’t it depend on what planet it’s closer to, not the tier? I thought that’s how it worked now at least. I could be completely wrong.

Yeah, the planets just usually follow a formula where the closer in tier they are the shorter the distance is as well. Region is a variable too, could’ve been that the T3 was on the same region as the exoplanet while the T4 planet wasn’t.

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Will be there!

Well that does throw a spanner. I’ll adjust costs accordingly

Due to a conspicuous lack of exoworlds, all departures are postponed until further notice.