Powered Lantern Idea

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Was just thinking of an idea on how to create better visitor experiences in people’s cities, towns, shops, project sites, etc. that they are always constantly trying to improve upon.

Powered Lanterns. Perhaps this would work off Spark. It could be a low energy requirement type of thing that a player can turn on and off, automatically turn on and off through motion detection or even pressure plates. I think it would be cool.

I think the Spark requirement per hour would be something on par with Oort Shards to power a single Blinksec portal jump (1 Oort Shard per hour if I am not mistaken). So this would make it very easy for even early builds to have some sort of cool lighting system that is powered by Spark, provide another use for Coal and Peat (primarily peat once you’re able to compact all of your coal).

I think producing indoor or underground rooms that are suppose to be dimly lit even with Light Source skill gives the room a pretty nice feel to it and with the option of turning on additional lights would be pretty cool too.

So it would be 1 Spark per Powered Lantern block connected to a Spark Core. So if you have 30 Powered Lanterns it would be 30 Spark per hour.

I would totally love to build hangers for airships and if submarines are a possible vehicle after 1.0 then underground and surface sea ports for navy vessels and light the places up with Powered Lanterns.

Just an idea and I don’t normally create threads to share my ideas since I think @james and @luke-turbulenz and the other devs do a good enough job coming up with game feature ideas. This one I felt like sharing. :slight_smile:


I would love to play with spark powered items other than the crafting machines :slight_smile:

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So I am not inherintly against the idea but I am against the idea if these powered lanterns come with a wire known as a spark coord…

the spark coords are not exactly pretty, and the whole idea of attempting to run power to a lantern just makes me start to have nightmares at the thought…

If this was some sort of magical power system then perhaps…


I think it would just be nice to be able to turn on and off light sources. It would be cool if there were pressure plates that turned on lights as someone was walking down a pathway that’s dark and it would light up lights ahead of you.

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Could use the same trick as workshops (and IRL I guess) and run the wires underground, only popping them up at the foot of the lights?
Nice idea, I’d love more lighting options. The lighting (/gleam) is in my top 5 reasons I’m still playing.

With having to power them up with Spark it could mean they give off more light and a larger light radius too. Could work with existing lanterns and just gives them an added feature to em. Bring in the switch/button to turn them off and on (a lock but with interactability).

That way for people who don’t want to power the lanterns don’t have to.


I’d like to see wireless system. Wires become too cumbersome too soon. Let’s say there are different radius spark cores or something that would power up all the lanterns in certain radius, I’d rather have that than wiring up each one. I don’t have anything against wires beside that in block based systems they always take up place for something else. Interesting approach would be to have “powered blocks” that would be any block + wire gives powered version of the block :slight_smile:


Yes, more possible brightness levels would be fab, as long as the radius is kept in check to prevent blinding landscapes. :slight_smile:
Yes wireless would be preferable. I was thinking there’s a cost for greater brightness with wires.

Well if we had the ability to even dim lights down that would be cool but I don’t think that’s currently even possible.

I’d just love to have more options with this sort of thing.

I also would totally see someone making some sort of like colored gleam floor that lights up as you run across it and it lights up some sort of pattern or design.

Now that I think about this, it might be possible once we have the Boundless version of Minecraft’s Redstone Dust in the game to mess around with. :shushing_face: