Pranara's Horticulture (Updated 30th September 2019)

Dear Horticulturalists,

Selling seeds, produce, tillers, liquid breakers & Oortian Mulch

Seeds Restocked Daily.

Pranara’s Horticulture has moved next door from Pranara’s Estate.

Accessible via the Western Side of the Portal Seekers Grovidias Te Hub

Price List:

If there are any price discrepancies, let me know.

Happy Shopping.


Glad to see you back :sunglasses:

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Thank you.

Coordinates would help cannot seem to find it

I am on an exo at the moment. If you can find the Grav. Te Portal Seekers Hub, the portal is in the ring of shops.

Yup lol I found it ty :blush:

Updated price list on the 27th August 2019 and included new items: Kindling, combustion and decorative hybrid seeds.

Updated price list on the 30th September 2019.

Pranara’s Horticulture is now located within the windmill, next door to TPranara’s Estate. A larger venue.

Happy Shopping.