Pre-Guild build: The Watchers / The Order of the Watchers [Some Role play involvement]

From the shadows, eyes peer through the open world of the Boundless communities… Being watched from afar, or from those around you… We are here.

An update to all Watchers, please check your in forum messages for a recent update!

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Never seen that thread^^ If you still take members write me up as villager^^

Soon as I find the edit button, haha! Will do!

That’s odd… I can’t edit the original post. Oh well! Once we get the website up and running, I’ll move the list and keep it updated there.

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Can I join? if so:
I would like to be a researcher.

What exactly do seekers do? They sound interesting, but the description seems a bit vague.

@Dragoonyan Yes! I will add you to the list!

@BeoDragon Anything about who and what we are is still under a semi-TBA setup as we must decide as a group which direction we will wind up going in the future. I also didn’t wan’t to make too many assumptions when I originally posted this as to avoid locking us into something before completely knowing how the game’s development would progress.

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Can I join. If so I would want to be a builder and build buildings and such for the guild. Or I could be an initiate… for now. :grinning:

I can indeed add you to the roster! I’ll add you as an initiate for now

From the shadows of the forgotten past. The Oortians emerge in this new, Boundless world… The Watchtower lights it’s beacon once more…

Its been a long time.

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