Pre-Guild build: The Watchers / The Order of the Watchers [Some Role play involvement]

The Watchers is a guild, or agreement I am building which will essentially be a unity of researchers and philosophers. They will act as a counsel however, when making decisions. Unlike most common guilds, The Watchers will not primarily focus on trade, though this will be part of their economy, their focus will be centered on technological and Oortian relic use/advancements and study of all scientific/philosophical endeavors. Their primary focus will be to construct a library. A wealth of knowledge completely dedicated to the recording of all advancements and discoveries. This library however, will be carefully guarded and overseen by Sentinels [Sentinels made up of both players and NPC If possible, but primarily players].

When enough knowledge has been collected by The Watchers, guilds might seek them out for blueprints, resources, constructs, knowledge, information on archaeological finds, and assistance. At this time, The Watchers will convene as a counsel to hear the guild representative out on their proposal. If assisting this proposal is not against the statutes in place, which act as the “Laws” for The Watchers, then they may decide to help them or come to some kind of agreement.

Sometimes it may become necessary for The Watchers to send individuals to other guilds in order to study their intent and inner workings. Sometimes working under cover to find out what they can about another guild to see if they are working on anything that could threaten the stability of harmony. When guilds go to war, The Watchers remain aside, completely non-involved if possible. However if it is requested by any member of one of the guilds in war, The Watchers are more than able/allowed to take them into asylum.

The Watchers often, when needed to or when they feel they need to step in, act as delegates or medians between two guilds. Helping find solutions to issues that may arise. Other times they may simply act as peace keepers, investigating disturbances and offering assistance where needed.

Royalty is treated of highest regard. Unlike elected officials, The Watchers recognize royalty by their birthright and see Royals and nobles as highly established, treating with the respect they deserve.

The Statutes in place help guide The Watchers. Ensuring that their path is not hindered by the greed or selfish intent.
1. No Watcher may be allowed to act on lone decisions if it represents or affects The Order of the Watchers in any way, even the knowledge collected by the librarians.
2. No Watcher may be allowed to enact or enable two peaceful guilds toward War.
3. The Watchers must always carefully calculate the weight of each side of a war when taking alliances with one/either side…
4. The Watchers must always display representation of the highest and most pristine of stature.
5. Watchers are to respect the laws of any land they enter, except when the laws require you to commit atrocities against the Order of the Watchers.
6. Never may the first six laws of The Watchers ever be changed.
7. Amendments may be made to the Law of The Order of the Watchers if necessary and unanimously agreed upon by the counsel.

Laws of the Watchers: These laws are designed for all who set foot on their boarders.
1. No violence within the town/villages.
2. Disputes are to be handled by three non-involved/non-biased fellow villagers to take vote on the outcome of the dispute.
3. Villagers are to respect enforced curfew when the area they live in may come under attack by foreign entities, or are allowed to join in the defense of their home.
4. No home may be entered by the Sentinel guard without permission of the owner, or counsel.

Positions: Each position is unique and quite necessary to the survival of The Order of the Watchers. It is to the member to choose their position and become a trainee under an assigned mentor. Some ranks require you to be trusted, and cannot simply be chosen by the individual wishing to enter it. In most cases, you must acquire a certain level of trust before entering into the higher ranks.

1. Counsel member: Only acquired by being chosen by the existing counsel itself.
2. Librarians: Keepers of the knowledge and constant browsers of the library, their duty is to know and collect all knowledge of The Watchers when they are present in town.
3. The High Sentinel: Protector of the counsel and commanders of the Sentinel Guard.
4. Seekers: Agents of special use, under the command of the High Sentinels.
5. Enforcers: The military division of the Sentinel Guard.
6. Researchers: Those who study science and industrial endeavors.
7. Scholars: Those who study the Philosophical concepts.
8. Initiates/Villagers: Initiates are those who wish to take on a more major role in the guild, but do not yet know which to choose. All are welcome to join The Watchers, and need not feel like they are some kind of non-visible waiting list to be in the guild officially before they choose an actual role. Villagers are those who choose not to take part in as many core guild activities but appreciate the ability to socialize in a community. The villagers are provided community and place of central living. IE: The Village[s]. In return, they populate the villages The Watchers provide and willingly abide by the local law.

If you would like to become a part of this guild and begin building our government in preparation for the game’s advancements, please let me know and I will add you to the roster.

Open positions:

1. Counsel members: CaptJack92a 4 left

2. Librarians: Head Librarian: Thorbjorn42gbf 2 left

3. The High Sentinel: ZeusXVII

4. Seekers: Doritius, zeathoros, XxDarkbladexX 1 left

5. Enforcers: Open

6. Researchers: TheListo, b00n 1 left

7. Scholars: High Scholar: Lilem 2 left

8. Initiates/Villagers: DarkRepulsor, Squidgy, Jenndragonfly, Exsu

Note: Do not worry about losing play time. You are allowed to go about your normal in game lives, building and discovering and what not when nothing super important is going on in the Guild.


Is this like an RPPvP guild?

There will be a combination of PvP and PvE, but yes. It will be a little more RP.

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This sounds really promising! I’m up for it.

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Dont get Guild members yet! I need some too! :smiley:

Join us, you know you want to!

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I know I want to build my own town yes ^^

I would love to join, I’m a huge fan of rp guilds. Any chance I could be a seeker? :grin:

I will be a researcher.

Holy cow, this really looks amazing. How can I be a part of it?

Dammit now there is 2 great guilds and i need to choose 1 :cry:

who says we cant have multiple?
and who has the other great one?
I say we should definitely have multiple, at least in my mind…
Can you be in the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood? No, cause the dark brotherhood doesnt really exist :wink:


Um, I’m not exactly worrying about recruiting just yet, @Thorbjorn42gbf so don’t worry about that. I’ll probably PM you closer to when guild support is ready for release.

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But that would still mean that i need to choose at that point :frowning:

If we can’t have more than one guild that is.

Anyway write me up for Librarian.

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I’m not going to force people to ONLY Be a Watcher at this point, so don’t sweat it.

Edit: Amended and added the “Initiates/Villagers” roles. [Item number 8 under “Positions”] Simply reply with your interest to join the guild and the “Interview process” will take place with the counsel or a representative of the counsel after you choose to take on larger roles in the Guild.

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“We will be watching you…”


I’d be interested in being a Librarian. Sounds like a fun job. Do I have to become an initiate and earn trust first?

Lissandra officially supports the Watchers.


Okay something might be wrong, this is the first of me seeing this thread :confused:

@AmandaPan : You can definitely start into Librarian if you would like to message the present head for a quick interview.

@Cyanizite : It’s been drowned and revived a few times, might have simply caught it between down times.