Prepare your wallets! (Oculus min specs)

Yesterday, I was looking over the Oculus Rift minimum spec requirements and comparing. It will probably require an upgrade for the majority of users. I put together a budget build to meet the specs, because I am going to have to upgrade to pull it off. You might want to think twice before buying more games and stuff with Christmas money and what not, and or start saving. Oh and this does not included the device rumored to 350-400.

AMD FX-8350 $170
MSI 970A-G46 $80
Gskill Ripjaw 8 gigs $45

And the most painful, but most important
Geforce GTX 970 $340

Total $635

Plan for a cool $1000 if you want to join the party. I really hope I don’t get sim sickness with the release model. :sweat_smile:

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i made a list of full virtual reality set which came up to around 2000 dollars cant find it anymore sadly

I´m ready :smile:

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Nice set up!

Nice :slight_smile: RAM is a bit less (my 32Gb have 90% a lot of times) but the rest is cool :slight_smile:

Is Bounless with the Rift?


That is so cool,can’t wait.!!!

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I’m happy to be unprepared. Now when there’s a 16:9 version…

Meh, oculus rift isn’t virtual reality or even a step in the right direction for virtual reality IMO.
Stuff like:

are more in the right direction, and honestly something that is much bigger to look forwards to. The oculus can basically be emulated by a smartphone with a cardboard cutout holding it in front of your face, so not really “wow” in my book.

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It’s not wow that’s true but I think it’s still nice and a step in the right direction. The right direction being more immersion.

Perhaps some historical perspective is in order. The fourth paragraph of the Reception section is required reading.

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Virtual boy wasn’t so bad if you went in with low expectations. My childhood gaming before VB was NES and PC only, so it was pretty cool to 6-10yo me. I don’t even remember how long ago it was when I had that thing.

I’m more concerned with the possible physiological and psychological side effects. There was evidence at the time that it had a deleterious effect on depth perception, with at least anecdotal evidence of injuries (I’m still trying to find the references) caused by attempting to navigate certain tasks in the real world after too much time spent using the Virtual Boy. The OR wouldn’t keep that from happening again.