Presteige question

What are the best prestige blocks per cost of resources? in either cost in coin or effort.



i feel this is best answered by @HOST


I would say dark glass to be honest. Just farm it and place it where it’s not visible. No crafting needed. And if you like to illuminate your place well, lanterns are probably they brightest glowers and bring more prestige than decorative for example. It takes glow caps and base metal… so if you know a good sovereign for them glow caps it’s kinda cheap. I think a mass craft deco gleam gives 25 where the lantern gives 50. Deco gleam takes bonding agent and base metal. Don’t underestimate deco rock/wood either. But if you’re looking into more advanced gameplay of course the answer is gonna be marble, gems, lucents and other. They need more effort or cost more obviously.


the best prestige blocks are the ones you use to make your build look nice. :slight_smile:


Good answer :slight_smile: I just gave answer based on my past researches and yes, in the past when my family was so extremely competitive, not only I but them as well used dark glass in big style to make prestige. We didn’t use much marble in our buildings yet. A lot was gained by deco rock. That was in times before sovereigns when pulsating orbs was harder to obtain ^^


Im just fiulling a tower im amking with blocks to add some prestige to my city, most my builds add little


I don’t know the percentages if you use the same type of block the prestige value gets lower after a certain amount it does pay to mix it up a little to keep the full value of each block


You can’t just rely on block base prestige value. You also have to consider:

Percentage of build chiselled.
Percentage of build from another planet.
Percentage of block variation.
Percentage of airspace.
Percentage of natural blocks.
Percentage of unchanged terrain.


Decorative gem blocks are roughly between 180 to 200 each if you mine the gems a lot and if you hunt a lot decorative oort blocks can range from 200 to 250 roughly for prestige. That is if you don’t want to chisel blocks. Also machine gold and machine silver alloy blocks are good too for prestige.


As @src and @VerucaKatt suggested variation is key in adding prestige.

Depending on what is used in said beacon you need to use other block types/colors to add prestige. As frequent use of the same block type/color lowers the prestige gained of every block type/color placed that is the same beacon.

(Frequent use lowers the block type/color prestige at some point not sure what exactly that is but say in this case its 20%)

For example if you used:

  • red sed. Bricks 25%
  • black marble 25%
  • yellow deco gleam 15%
  • deco Diamonds 10%
  • refined iron 25%
    (% is block’s placed in said beacon)

Adding for example black glass (as @May-L04 suggested) to the beacon will add more prestige as it lowers the already used blocks percentage in a beacon.

  • black glass 250, 20%
  • red sed. Brick 250, 20%
  • black marble 250, 20%
  • Yellow deco gleam 150, 12%
  • deco diamonds 100, 8%
  • refined iron 250, 20%
    For every additional block type/color you use in a beacon this % wil drop as the total splits in more % groups.
    (As mentioned above im not sure at what % the frequent use “penalty” comes in to play but this is how to fix that)

Then we have the chiseling this is also a percentage game but you run out of prestige gain faster by chiseling. Say that 50% chiseling in a beacon gains prestige and there are 6 chiseling bonuses. Square and precise, bevel and precise, slope and pricese.
Depending on if it can be achieved with that chisel (basic to advanced) % added to that type of chisel. So half slabbing a wall/floor can be achieved with a square chisel and is counted towards square chisel % it doesn’t matter if you did it with bevel.

Air to elaborate this means rooms (walkable). More rooms gives a bit prestige for every room added.

Hope this makes any sense and that it helped a bit.

Keep in mind some prestige bumps are not instantly visible as the game doesn’t instantly recalculate the bonuses and penalty’s of the prestige gain on added block variations/actions (like chiseling). It can take a day or so before the game recalculates.
Also the frequent use penalty was added to stop prestige builds build with the same high prestige blocks. Refined gleam “abominations” used to be a thing. As ref gleam was the easiest and fastest way to gain prestige back in the day (changed with or before the marble recipe update).


Was never so happy as when all those damnable “Gleamcicles” vanished from the game.


@Samski it seems you got a lot of good answers!
In your case the best thing you could consider is what has not been mentioned yet, is dividing your build/city into more beacons.

Each new beacon resets the same block/color “penalty”

For example 1 beacon could have 2.5mil prestige
But dividing that beacon into 2 beacons could get you 3mil prestige.

I will make you an sample video today


It it wanting unchanged terrain or landscaped terrain?