Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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Then you’ll have no problems.

There are basically 2 changes here:

  1. Corrections for blocks where the prestige was imbalanced, for example - refined gleam.

  2. Improvements to the systems that already exists, prestige for: chiselling, block variation, and using colours from other worlds.

(As I see @lucadeltodecso has also said.)

For me - the purpose of Prestige is to act as XP for your build. Different players are driven by different goals and aspirations. Some players come to a sandbox game and think “why would I build something beyond a mud hut? what is the purpose here?” I think Prestige can give these players a goal to work towards, a benchmark to compare themselves against. In the same way players enjoy gaining XP for their characters, Prestige acts as XP for your builds.


As a good friend of mine put it, its an ego tickling contest, and i like getting tickled :slight_smile:


Prestige in that context makes perfect sense James. The issue isn’t prestige, it is that it is linked to other core game mechanics and that cause certain situations to happen. We need a system that supports prestige or this ranking and benefits but also is not hurting other people or causing problems.

Separate the Mayor/Viceroy and footfall bonuses from Prestige and part of the problem then goes away and prestige can still stay.


Waiting for a skill tree for builds. :slight_smile:


What do you think would be in it??

(Joking aside we have discussed this possibility between the designers.)


@james I would move some of the items currently in the skill tree to it:

  1. Chiseling
  2. Speed of placement
  3. Decorative blocks
  4. Doors
  5. Post/beams

Items I might add:

  1. Build height - say you can only build 2-3 plots high/low normally. Additional skills to be able to build higher and lower (a normal house builder does not do skyscrapers or items way below the surface).
  2. Blueprints - as asked for in other posts. Maybe have different types of styles (Craftsman, French Revival, etc).
  3. Portals - Leave the standard one in the current skill tree. Add another in the builds for different portals:
    a. Portals that have way less cost to open and maintain
    b. Portals that can be switched to different locations (say 3 tokens in them that can be switched
    between). Maybe on a timer for each one, rotating between them.
    c. One way portals
  4. Exclusive building blocks - nothing that is currently in game but new different types (nothing that is super hard to craft just items that have to be accessed in this skill tree.
  5. The ability to make any type of block at say 1/2 the time or cost.

Just throwing those out there. :smiley:


Maybe to make more like specializing builds, like different build-classes.
So you can spezialise your building for different use.


How about something that will get rid of floating trees in plots above. Might save us a few plots on our roads :joy:


Not a bad idea tbh, I would support the removal of trees that are disconnected from ground due to plotted area.


beacon skill tree would have

  • tax rate reduction (remove from player tree)
  • portal epic and portal distance increase (remove from player tree)
  • footfall multiplier (remove multiplier based on settlement size)
  • mesh limit cap (remove the chunk based cap)

basically there’s a handful of systems kicking around now that make more sense tied to a beacon rather than players or settlements or tech constraints. (all debatable)


Im for anything to reduce skillpoints spent. Especially if higher tier planets are coming. I’d even say let our home beacon have a skill that eliminates the need for atmospheric resistances but that might be too much :smile:


I am currently on the test server practice Hammer Forging with Diamond hammers and I noticed that it is only going to 197% effectiveness. Which I see in normal game is 200%. I have 8 Vitality, 8 Power and 8 Intelligence with 5 in attribute as well as forging epic. Forging Machine has 7200 Power. Am I missing something?


Like how you specialize characters to better fulfil their prupose, builds could specialzie to improve on their main focus, like:

Shops, Portal Hubs, Workshops, Warehouses, Roads and Squares, Mines, Guild Halls, Landmarks.

2-3 skills for each and you already have a decent skill tree. Points come with prestige thresholds (with the first point at 10k) (I really hate myself for suggesting that, :joy: but i guess i have high hopes that the prestige will work better some day)

Portal Skills could make portals consume shards at a slower rate, like every 66 mins (10% saving).

Roads could increase player movement speed by 10%.

Landmarks get a special icon on the compass.

Workshops could buff machines.

Mine have 10% faster regen around them, etc etc …

Like @a13o suggested, tax reduction for shops

I’m not in favor of a footfall multiplier, because that is too universal and everyone will want it. And if everyone takes the same skill it’s not an intersting choice to make anymore. And skill trees should be all about interesting choices.


Different color stones give more Prestige, what the hell, i build no streets or house whit different colors, i am Not a clown.
I have no cleam towers , when i Beginn a projekt 1 build in 1 - 3 colors but for the floor the same color.
New projekt is a sith tower, i plotet 14x14 plots and the floor is now over 14 000 marble , this crafting is a huge work and when Update i will lost Prestige what the hell.

The system is good now, 1 thing: give the players the many chisleing more Prestige, all 2 Sides ar happy

I Start the game on ps4 realase and play every day and pay real money, and try build a great City for all Player the will join.

And now i bekomm punisch lol

many Player have leave the Game, only 215 - 250 player all day online. But i love the Game .

But this clown Prestige uptade is not Good.

When this come: RIP Boundless


Same, my building palette usually consists of 3-4 colors.

But I’m sure the update is not about building clown houses.

It’s about colors from your planet vs colors from other planets.
So even with only 1 color from a different planet you should be fine.
So if you are using gleam on a starter world for example you already meet this criterion.
And it’s just a small bonus, you don’t lose anything, if you completely build with a color from your world.


First, thank you for taking this into consideration with the team!

As far as skills, I’d actually like a system where you had to earn experience in that skill by performing the action to level it. Like mining earns straight mining experience which ups your proficiency as you use it.

Cooking is so on the far end, why not start a lowbie branch?

Or farming skills for that much looked forward to update. (You’re gonna add creatures and ranching aspects, right?? :wink: )

Healing needs a big overhaul. As does tanking. (I do not feel skills need brews to activate, and are therefore garbage)

Ending note is I’ll just say I don’t like having to save up 5 points for one skill, which is the majority of skills.
Higher levels it’s natural to be more selective, but I’ve noticed in boundless even by level 5 I was stashing away my points. It kinda takes the fun and flexibility out of it.

Again, thank you for taking this into consideration, as well as asking for ideas!


AOE for changing the type of block from metamorphic to igneous or sedimentary.


This, so much. Creates real specialization!

  1. Building swinging from a grapple is horrible, especially chiselling. It would be quicker to plop down a built scaffold than to swing frustrated from leaves

  2. I’ve never played MC. What I’m asking for is a plot duplicator where I can cut and paste a plot. So I’m not chiselling the same wall for 3 weeks. I can do a wall design and then cut and paste it around my city. Also for things like roads and shops or prop shops and buildings it would be a nice function.

  3. if you have multiple characters then you obviously know some builds can be consolidated into one skillsheet, leaving my builder a wimp. So I did change my game play, first I plotted out a huge area, that didn’t work at all, then I was like hmm I’ll just switch to my hunter. Ha. When I switch the enemies are different. So I’m supposed to go back through or go watch YouTube to change my skill sheet, (I prefer to do it by experience not YouTube but there are great videos for builds on there). Then my process changes as well bc I’m using different characters or skill sheets to do different things, changing possibly where my characters live or work from and the flow of the process I’ve already grown accustomed to. Building on a high tier planet should not be discouraged and could offer advancements in technology if it were in the game and also kind of makes sense. Trust me I die alot on my builder and expect to, but it’s my personal opinion and things that drive me away from participating. You can change your skill sheets 50 times be my guest or you can have all the answers and do it once. For me it’d be nice to have a build shield machine or a turret or a pet or something so I could build, chisel, and make deco stuff on one character.

  4. Well aren’t I special

  5. Builder safety helix is for fall damage right? I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while so I forget. Doesn’t add to the dynamic of a builder. Again just allows you to pull points, at a pretty high price I might add. Second tier buffs are not cheap. Third tier, well, that’s bankrupted some guilds. (I never bought paid for one personally) it is a slight hammering in towards the necessity for me to have scaffolding but also a plug at another option instead of adding turrets could just make a better machine. Copying and pasting is not the same as a voxel either. Voxel is the blueprint you spoke of which is cool but not related to point 2 but in fact related to point 5. I also would like to add, I was asked what I FELT was wrong with the building system. You’re actually all over the place in your reply. Point 2 is about cut and paste not voxels. :thinking: Its not a gripe about the platform lol nor was it a point it was something that exists and a factual statement to fortify my reasonings. It is extremely difficult to chisel without dying on large builds and makes building frustrating. So a better buff machine for a builders vitality would be more suitable than something you can easily do with a couple of skill points (i.e. control, dexterity, fall damage) where as vitality takes more points and anepic to be useful on t6. You could go with armors instead of vitality and give a guild machine that gives the resistances. Bc a builder usually has no points in armor. And again these are my opinions. My efforts and time are spent elsewhere, apologies for the late response.


Why a scaffolding when one can have lets say an epic skill that allows them to levitate in their beacon for building purposes, no more damage on the grapple and no extra blocks.