Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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Looks great i think thats what they are trying to encourage, instead of solid prestige towers with no purpose or design.


Is this not on the test server yet? The Title of this post says „Prestige Balance in Testing“

All the block values that I tested on the test server seem to be the same as they are on live with just 1 point removed. Even blocks I would have thought would have gotten a slight buff.

How am I supposed to do the following thing below, if the changes are not on the test server or a list is not published?


Ahh ok. Yes I cleared this up with some friends. The post seemed to post the opposite. Or could have just been me seeing it that way.


What about a solid deco and machined metal sky scraper? Lol I get it I really do. But you set laws into play and we used those laws. It is a method to prestige. We found it. We worked hard for it. Really. I spent hours playing the way I wanted to to achieve what I wanted. Now , like forging, bomb mining and other features people loved ( I know these were mistakes) it’s being suddenly pulled. My buildings will take a 50 percent cut from what I’ve read. I am a creative builder. I also have fun gaining prestige working many hours farming for wax, rock and metals to place. What are your thoughts on this?


What is the purpose of any building in the game? Also you can make a “prestige tower” look amazing. Just because you cannot run your avatar through it means nothing to why anyone built it. Unless of course it is to be a store with no room to place a shop stand. Lol I love statues. I love cool looking buildings. My skyscrapers look cool to me and others. It’s stacked. Took me over 3 months to fill it. 3 freakin months. Just some thoughts of mine. I just think they should have stick with adding more points to natural blocks. Maybe tweaking the algorithm a bit. Not to much on penalizing solid builds.


Thats the point, you wouldnt need to ‘fill’ a tower, it could be more articulated, with hidden treasures maybe for people to explore i dunno.

But seeing plane solid builds without being able to enter them is a bit dispointing, i love exploring builds, they are adding natural blocks to the prestige calculation.

With certain additions like farming coming out in pretty sure the future is to add more purpose to builds and creativity.


Indeed my friend. Perhaps I’m just a bit exhausted at everything I do in this game and many enjoy gets changed. I will simply try to change my perspective to yours. Thanks Xani.


I didn’t test and I didn’t read the whole topic?!

However I do follow the forum and the state the game is in. I ask myself 1 question.

Why don’t we just throw the whole prestige - footfall out of the game?

let Wardens be elected or majors or whatever. Revise the economy system with endeavour earns coin whatever.

I may seem naive but the whole system s making more players unhappy than it should.


Noone else is excited to run through cities full of unicorn fart builds?! I can see I am alone here :frowning:


Getting more prestige for using a range of blocks and non-default colours and chiselling is not new with this, that behaviour already exists with the prestige bonus multiplier in live now.


if we removed the system it would make me (and I’m sure a lot of people) sad.

No matter what you do someone will be upset though, so at the end of the day, the Devs have to make a system they are happy with and it will attract players who agree more with them, and ones who don’t will slowly leave.

Not trying to paint a bad picture or anything, and I know the Devs do as much as they possibly can to make as many players happy as possible. if someone isn’t complaining about prestigue and foot fall, they are complaining about their neighbors, if not those two they are bored with the end game, if not any of that they don’t understand why x, y, or z is missing since its in other sandbox games.

Its a growing and evolving game, many features will be expanded, and some will fall away (hopefully not too many). I am content to ride the coaster until either I run out of feasible time to play, or something takes it’s slot in my attention span lol.


Crisis averted. :+1:t2:


I hope they’ve all been sterilised :mask:


everything sounds good, but 2 questions.

  1. isnt this system ALREADY the way we count prestige? i know we get a base prestige value, then we add on bonus prestige for the amount of “air” and “chisel work” and “alien blocks”

and 2. will a block at least always give 1 prestige? or something? curious if its possible for blocks to give 0 again with this new prestige system?


That’s a lot of binkies…


The ‘bonus percentage’ is the problem with the current system, because if you add a block or do something so that the bonus percentage decreases the prestige ends up going ‘down’ and is what most people struggled with (posts about why blocks were giving negative prestige often etc), and is not a solvable problem when defined with a bonus percentage.

The new system works differently so that prestige will never decrease when adding blocks etc, but is still able to reward extra prestige when variation/color etc is varied so you never feel penalized


i guess i get that, but i also would like to know that each block at least gives SOME prestige, even if its like .5 or .2 prestige.

while they wont neccessarily decrease the prestige, if i end up placing thousands of blocks and end up getting 0 prestige, thats pretty bad too. although i dont care too much about prestige, just was wondering :slight_smile:

basically 0 isnt negative nor is it positive prestige. so i was wondering if this could happen. but overall its probably a better system :slight_smile:


No block has 0 prestige with changes.

If you spam the same block 1,000,000 times it will be giving you less and less prestige each time, but never get to 0 (may get so low that you have to add the block 100 times to get an extra 1 prestige since each one is now only giving you 0.01 prestige or something, but never 0). And of course, if you then worked to balance the block variation the prestige would start increasing faster again as all those blocks that previously gave less prestige due to the spam-parade start giving out more again.


thank you! :slight_smile: good to know :slight_smile:


Well said. I myself am unsure how I would respond to no prestige. Given all I worked for to accomplish this. Human nature in a lot of us is the desire to compete, not only with others but ourselves. For me it was more of a self goal. I break it and I set the bar higher. I use this game as a rush. I love to build, hunt, be repetitive, and so on…