Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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It seems they are wanting a blend of stones/bricks/gleam and other materials from a variety of planets, not just the planet you are on or just from all over.

I think it should be how it is used. A tall all blue tower I can see being penalized, but most want a road to be the same, unless the player creates a design in it that is consistent in the whole road, or is trimmed with a different types of whatever from another building material.
There is the aspect that players will have time to make adjustments, this isn’t a race so if for some reason your streets and other builds don’t match what they want you can later make changes.
Maybe while in the hospital you can work on different ideas for some changes, or adding in another area a piece that could be make of various materials? Could be a great distraction.


Small question … does turf give prestige? The grass does not give any experience point yet it takes a lot of time to add


I’m not greatly bothered about the prestige values of my build, but I have just about finished creating a torus shaped build, which is about 100 blocks total diameter, ant the tubes are about 14 in diameter, made entirely (almost) from machined titanium.

I’ll find out soon enough, I guess, but do you have any sort of prediction on whether this shape made from 90% machined titanium is likely to lose or gain prestige?

It is all one material, but there is space, and lots of chiselling t make it look as curved as possible!


Was just going to ask about that


Well these changes are a vast improvement glad to see them happen any answer for my above question


Air means you have built rooms with floors, walls and a ceiling versus just solid blocks of gleam for example. Are you building a functioning structure like a store where players walk around or a prestige vault which is packed tightly with high prestige blocks?


Phew! I was starting to worry. Most of the underground (large workshop) section of my main build is comprised of blocks from mostly Beckon and… can’t remember the other world right now but.anyway, I am relieved! lol.


I don’t think anyone was questioning that other planet blocks add prestige. It was more trying to understand the comment around “alien” blocks and losing prestige. How does the model take things into consideration for cross planet block placement in regards to prestige?

If @rossstephens didn’t communicate things correctly - can we get an edit on the original post. Otherwise can we get a better description of what this part of prestige does? Because I at least am still confused.

Many of us wanted to live on 1 planet but have all blocks from another planet because we want a house of that color. So we are not sure where we are penalized and where not. How much is too much? And really should this be considered at all.


Glad i read all the way to this point before making a comment.
These changes look awesome @james. You have my blessing move forward with this :+1:


Well my current build will take a massive hit for type of block used (approximately 75-80k of refined Cold Berry Sedimentary - others also but easily 90% is that). However it should make up a large amount because of the “open air” (the plot size is 22 x 12 x 3) with most of it being inside space or open air.

Not that I am going to change it, because it is a style that should be the same, but can’t wait to see what happens.


I hope that anyone who’s builds get a reduced prestige from this update dont go and change there builds.You should be building your creations because you like what your creating.I wont change any of my creations ever just to impress others.My place is full of gleam because I happen to like anything that stands out.So this will no doubt send my creations to a low prestige but that’s good with me because I never liked this silly prestige thing and what it stands for.Im happy the devs are doing things there way and trying to please the masses.Dont ever try and build things for others do it for yourself and if none likes it then it’s tough.


Unfortunately, we will likely see many changes from people or new builds of people trying to game the system as best they can. That is why prestige should only be linked to a basic “leader board” and not linked to income, mayorship, viceroy, and anything else that matters with other game mechanics.


Marble, wood, machined iron, machined gold, deco gem blocks, brick, glass. Hmm wonder what will happen? I like my storage looking fancy.


It will still look super fancy!


I think an important question in this re-work is whether or not we can expect a re-balance of how the newest decorative blocks will be crafted. Will marble and wicker and refined gravel etc be the kings of all blocks? Or will we see a big change in how easy they are to craft and then a sudden drop in their prestige values?

Technically, the question applies to everything. If we get a recipe change for a block, does it’s prestige value automatically change? Or does the dev team have to go in and manually refactor a block’s prestige value?


what will it do to builds sticking to a color sceme
will it be to much off same block thats my question


The only brick I use is sedi cool slate. Wondering the same thing.


i hope bricks still go good making everything brick these days :smile:


In my opinion good changes; I like it; go ahead with it dev’s :+1: :grinning:


I need some time to digest before I really weigh in. My immediate thoughts go to the rollout plan. Can we avoid the painful days that followed plot resolution changes?

If the tech allows, could you calculate prestige both ways temporarily and preview the number from the new system before it launches? On the beacon options UI or something.

I think this will serve a lot of good:

  • Players can ensure they don’t drop below 10k prestige on the new system before it lands
  • Players can better evaluate this proposal by having concrete examples relevant to them