Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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Yuck…and then we’d get more boring builds. Having tangible rewards for creative builds avoids empty plots filled with machines and storage cubes.

Besides, creators deserve tangle rewards for their builds just as much as hunters and miners do for their work.

As for the changes, I have some concern. For example, I build all my roads with meta brick, iso brick and sed refined. Most of my build is sed refined and sed brick. And all of my world’s pallet.

I also have been in the habit lately of doubling all my walls or adding a layer or “scrap” blocks under natural spaces I want to preserve. That’s because I kept busting up through the bottom of things as I built lower. I wonder how that will affect me.

Then again, I have a LOT of variety and I’m a chiseling maniac. So we’ll see.


no, very much the opposite. we will end up seeing less gleam towers and (visible) gleam vaults, because they will be functionally irrelevant.

I’m starting to not mind the idea of disconnecting prestige from footfall.
But I understand the devs reason for having it


I think your build will be just fine Biv. And if some prestige changes, well your build will still look cool and you put a lot of work in to it.


With these changes, we should get that anyway.

And keeping prestige +footfall is essential to the health this game unless you want fields of empty plots with nothing but storage and machines.


Interesting changes being done, and especially looking forward to more natural builds going up, and hopefully less gleam tower eye-sores. Great job there!

This, however, i disagree with. Only read a few comments in the beginning (so far–so if it is already addressed, sorry for the repeat!) but it seems others agree as well.

I only say this because I want my build to contrast and stand out from the planet and not blend in with all the existing colors.
There’s no zombie apocalypse I need to camouflage my build for.
My build does indeed contain resources from it’s current planet, but to stand out it’s gonna need “alien” colors.

Not that I’m in any sort of prestige war, it’s just something I didn’t feel was right.


Still a bit confused here, since it mentions tints and not the fact that they are simply from a different planet which would contribute to the “exotic” bonus (if that will still be a thing). Would be a bit weird to penalize builds for sticking out as long as it’s not too excessive, my build on a lava lake on Alcyon was deliberately built with blocks that would make it contrast with the bright pink and red/orange environment (with a lot of dark blocks, blue wood and blue gleam).

Edit: never mind I misunderstood comparing amount of blocks with alien tints with amount of blocks with local tints as comparing actual tint color values. The wording is a bit confusing because if I understand correctly now, we’re really just talking about the “is exotic” ratio check.

Otherwise I’m liking the sound of this, let’s do it! Can’t wait to see how it will affect everything.

Definitely hope I won’t get penalized too much by using a lot of decorative wood and rock which I’d assume will still be in the same prestige “bucket”. But that might be good, more motivation to use some more mid level blocks instead of feeling obliged to “machine” all metals and “decorative” all gems.


James clarified that in a later post.


12:01pm - 50% drop in Prestige for all Gleam Towers

12:15pm - All Gleam Towers double in size


Still think it’s a good idea, even though clowns will be clowns.


I disagree. People will still be creative completely outside of Prestige. We see that already with plenty of people not doing it for prestige reasons but instead for creative reasons. Mostly those that are wanting to be Mayor, get more footfall, or become viceroy push the prestige gaming system. So there is no need to link prestige to creative builds or boring builds.

Now you mention rewards for building. That is a different topic. Prestige is not the reward you get for building besides the number. The real reward is the footfall and other benefits from the prestige game mechanic. So if people want rewards for building we just need to figure out another one that rewards the player. The new model should be one specific to the player and their rewards - not something that forces people to compete or create footfall traps, or PVP over being mayor to get “tax rewards if ever they come”, etc. There are many ways to provide the tangible rewards you talk about with out prestige being the vehicle to them.

So prestige can exist for the “ranking leaderboard” part of this game or some other reason. It does not need to be the way we link different game components especially as you see it being displayed - our builds are now being controlled in various ways and influenced so we get the best prestige to equal the most rewards. Instead it could be we just build to build because we love the look. The rewards come from the success in building it. The other “rewards” come from different parts of the game and mechanics that do not have to link together.


I think it’s fair, since some people work a lot on aesthetics and do not recognize them because they use materials of low prestige and others use gleam to fill, but those who use materials that need spark, energy and a lot of time are also punishable? it would not be fair since it is not the same to refine titanium as to refine wood or stone


We are not going to agree on this. As far as I’m concerned, the prestige/footfall mechanic is the most interesting part of the game. Get rid of that and you lose half of the game’s reason for existing. It’s just minecraft with portals.


Cool, I expect this will vault up my house’s prestige by at least 10%, although my stores are likely to drop by at least 30% (I pretty much just use 4 materials to make everything).

Hmm, I was upset at first that my stores would likely get a huge hit, but perhaps this prompts me to put the aesthetic that I go for with them under an overhaul. I’ll wait to implement any changes to my designs and style until the numbers are on live though. It could do nothing to me, but I doubt that.

I’m not upset in the least, I guess most stores you visit in real life aren’t “visually striking” so would likely fall into the prestige loosing bucket (That is the goal with the appearance of my stores, to mimic being a real life brand and franchise). If I loose very much prestige I will be undergoing a bit of an overhaul in structure design and blocks used. As long as I keep it consistent across my other stores then the “brand” isn’t lost only “revitalized”.

Overall, happy to see you guys have put this issue through the ropes and are planing on bringing it in the nearish future.


Oh crud. I didn’t event think, my “interactive” ish artwork is likely to loose prestige… oh well, I still think it is unique and will attract people to wonder around it.


Fidach where is your torus?

I’m hugely in favor of air space and nerfing gleam. I’d like to see clarification on ratios. Builds that are 80% one material are pretty common and look good IMO. At what percent of one single block does the curve change drastically? I feel like it would be fair to publicly disclose this for those who care about prestige (people will figure the percent out eventually anyway)


Excited for this, bringing all materials in line with the effort required to produce is good

Not so excited for this. It’s interesting on paper, but I’m concerned that the rules are going to become too unintuitive and opaque, like what happened with the footfall changes


Hey DK, it’s on Gellis, little portal in my dome at New Leyden takes you there, or coords are 252, 677, 226!


I’m totally gonna get hit with the alien blocks and the chisel factor, not that I’m “cheesing” but rather the way I build -_- I use a lot of vivid colors from tier six on Beckon for the aesthetic with the glow of the gleam as I’m using different colors for each level, and I use the chisel quite a lot to avoid a bland blocky look.


The text was misleading and I’ve corrected it.

Using a variety of chisels and shapes will increase prestige.


I think your build should be unaffected.

The system is explicitly targeting builds that simply fill a plot with 8x8x8 blocks to generate high density prestige.


oh OK, then all is good. :smile: