Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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The aim is to encourage players to gather and use blocks from other worlds.


i just need to throw a few native blocks in then, i can make it work.


i tend to use a lot of tier six world colors, mainly from Houchus I.


I can see a lot of good in it. The ugly gleam towers will probably be taken down by those who are wanting only prestige. Ones that are huge but hollow inside I hope will also lose prestige.
I don’t like that some builds using one color can loos a lot, it should depend on why they used it. A castle wall would be of one color, they could make a design I guess of another color, but then it doesn’t look like a castle wall if you make if a mixture of colors, that should go into the castle itself.
My build, I could care less, it is a lighthouse, it is all one color because lighthouses are of a light color, mine is ashen blue. The only color is the copper brazier which I will be putting up gleam for the torch part, mixing shades of red and orange.
For me, beauty, is the most important, which is subjective, what one sees as a beautiful build someone may not like. I love wood more than stone, some like stone over wood.


I still want an interactive aspect to the prestige value, I think an additional calculation value could be added for a like vote on the beacon, and another for footfall, this could let beauty and artistic value weight on the like value, and function and utilization weight the other.


Well this is interesting. Glad to see natural blocks will be adding prestige now. I always though any block placed should add prestige. Especially when building trees. Hopefully I don’t lose to much prestige where I’ve hidden gleam and whether it’ll will be better to remove it?


Well personally, in my opinion, as a free american

Stop waisting everyone’s money on ■■■■ like prestige and give us some content that isn’t a skin on a meteorite. You’re not worried about longevity you’re worried about instant gratification. A mega city at 32 million will take efforts from several people to be accomplished quickly. Prestige is fine and people should have grown accustomed to how it works and how to get it. This is just a back peddle and a fix to a copout. The only competitive aspect you have in your “GAME” is prestige. People tend to not spend money on games they aren’t competing in, nor continue playing.


What lovely complimentary colors! I’m taking a wild guess and saying your build will be fine, especially if the inside (like floors, ceiling, stairs) are different colors.
I like lighthouses and have seen some really nice ones. Some even have borders and trim, or a detailed top you could add color and material variety to.
But you do you. Was only giving ideas if you feel up to it. =)
(Btw, your turtle makes me smile. Lol)


Oh! I notice the Prestige balance is in testing! Has anyone done any checks on builds they have in testing before and after?


I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, but I can tell you this has been a pretty hot topic in months past. The poll James ran a while back had over 250 voters, weighing heavily in favor of changes to the existing system.


I personally welcome any kind of rebalance to the prestige system.

Especially for natural blocks.


Agreed, I think it makes sense to try to make adjustments to game systems to more closely resemble their intent. Prestige was meant to be a way to reward players for interesting and difficult builds, but it failed to completely account for incredibly simple builds that rewarded bulk over finesse.


Thank you, son was going you need a avatar and I go I don’t know how to do one. So, he goes what do you want. Turtles! LOL he brought up some and I picked this one.

The inside of my base has two different colors of wood the blue wood from Trior and can’t remember where the other is from. Shape is octagon and I wanted to do a walk around but my son and I decided to go old fashioned where they didn’t have a walkway around it. Copper for the brazier. It isn’t real tall, around 35 blocks high.
I do have windows, told him to get over it when he complained. I like to see outside, the green of the trees, the grass, the water’; base is on the river that has a wide area.
Does look a tad off in a spot here and there, LOL accidently knocked out some blocks and in the sections that had to use a slope chisel, so the blocks I put back in stick out a bit. Son will have to fix it, I don’t do heights.

If you want to see what it looks like, look for a series of new player on Boundless, @Dad and Dax play games. YouTube. Don has a series that he started from the last update after the free weekend and we did a trade and I gave him a tour of the lighthouse.


Thanks for the response
I guess myself and others should be more active in these “polls” alot of things seem to be on the user to provide ideas or lineage of development. Im pretty busy trying to keep up with the other mega clans. I’m not sure how long a while back is, but I would hope that people would now be focused on content for the game and not micro managing already working aspects of the game. People force merge people still to this day. Wasn’t fixed at all. Just given the right back to name your settlement, kind of lol. I guess I’m just tired of watching all my community begging me to play other games with them, bc boundless bores them :confused: I like to build. I could tell you 5 things wrong with the building system, but it’s the only thing keeping me here. Meteorites are boring, repetitive, and also a requirement if you want to have your own portal. Prestige building keeps me interested and with something to do. Max forging, max crafting, max gathering…it’s all been done, being done, and tedious seeming now. The game has great potential, such as farming world bosses private planets pets, vehicle machines soooo many possibilities yet we are stuck on prestige, which in fact having the most gives you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! a trophy that’s it. So in conclusion…what’s the point…what’s the journey, the adventure.


What are the 5 things wrong with the building system?

  1. Some type of scaffolding
  2. Copy and paste options for plots
  3. Some type of defense pet/machine for builders or home city (home health guild buff is not efficient to t6 planets with a wimpy builder spec)
  4. AOE chisels (I mean come on let’s get some productivity)
  5. Applying a builder buff machine to a builder is pointless bc it just makes him throw blocks too fast, so I’d like to see a better machine for builder spec. Maybe the ability to throw down a cube instead of one block, maybe a voxel type grid where you can pop up a 8x8 build. Without a float ability or scaffolding it takes alot of extra time for PS4 players to sculpt, I think this would help.


One major problem I have with building is the constant stop & go from the energy mechanic in the game because apparently placing a large number of blocks is exhausting and causes the player character to whine and moan.


My foliage covered Aftashop in Red Wood welcomes the coming changes :slight_smile:


I really like these changes to be honest. I tend to grow weary of the whole “I’m going to make a 500 plot build of nothing but diamond!” People should be rewarded for making something cool over simply making something to “win the game” as some people seem to want to call it.

  1. If the grapple hook is insufficient for you, use a block you can 1shot as your scaffold. Leaves, gleam, stone, what ever. Not sure how any scaffolding would behave any differently or be less costly than just a bunch of leaves.
  2. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and assume you dont mean duplicating like you might see in MC Edit. Besides that, a blueprint mechanic is being worked on, though i personally would oppose such functions because i dont want to see duplicates of impressive builds everywhere I go.
  3. This isn’t an issue of building mechanics, it’s an issue of player skills, attributes, and methodology. If your builder is too wimpy to survive hard worlds, expect to die. A lot. That’s the point. Or, change your methodology to counteract mobs entirely- fortify your settlement with high walls, or build in the sky where mobs cant reach you.
  4. could be useful for half-slab walls and floors, maybe diagonal roofing, so I’ll give you this one.
  5. this is 3 different parts, some of which you’ve already mentioned. A) guild buffs aren’t really a building mechanics, and the builders safety helix already does a good job of making building safer and easier. B1) placing more than one block at a time is fine if you’re trying to terraform or build solid sculpts, I’ll give you this one as well. B2) voxel grid/8x8 build thing is just a rehash of #2 and I’ve already given my thoughts here. C) this is a gripe about the platform rolled back with #1.

Generally I disagree with all points except #4, which is situationally useful.