Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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@blinvir needs to post a clip of his speed building. I don’t have the skill to handle that speed but it can be done.


I’ll post one later on.

There is a trick to using the building buff efficiently.

One way to gain a modicum of control back is to make use of the block placement delay.


This I agree with, re creating some of the natural beauty in the game on a larger scale would be more encouraged if you got some kind of reward from it, such as prestige, :wink: but if prestige is pointless and gives you no true reward, why does it matter?


:joy: I’m just like a 15lb person trying to hold down a water hose


I do it all… I build, chisel, design, and fill everything in the walls with prestige materials… I’m such a bad boy…

I love the builders buff… If you hate it, there’s an option in the settings to introduce the placement delay back in.

Can’t wait until after the gleambow event to get back to building! Nearly done! (lies)


We formed a builders faction in our guild just for Blinvir because the rest of us couldn’t make good use of the builder’s buff. I feel your pain.

Back on topic, I look forward to seeing how this will change my builds and also players getting more prestige for using ‘natural’ blocks.


Take the energy regeneration epic, the one that regenerates 1000 energy per tick.
It turns the energy mechanic from annoying to negligible.


What would an AOE chisel do?

If you chisel a particular corner, would the same relative corner be replicated across the blocks next to it?


If you chisel a particular corner, then the other corners touching this corner, would also be chiselled?

With the buff enabled you can remove skill points from your block placement (as you don’t need as many) and spend them somewhere else.


Mass block changer!


I still don’t know what it does.


I would like to see like a 1x3 horizontal AoE on the standard chisels. This would help speed up slabbing of the blocks in large walls.

Also something I could see as being useful is a forge boon on chisels that is an undo so to speak. This would just undo the last chisel done.
Also would depend on which type you are using as well. Standard undo and precise undo.

Would save on having to break and and replace blocks on errors.


Do you mean a mass block changing chisel? So it would act like a 3x3 Hammer, but instead of destroying the block, it would change the type?


When I wanted dark blue mosaic, it didn’t occur naturally in the correct rock, so I had to use a forged chisel with block changed on it to change them all to the correct rock.

I needed a couple of thousand!

I placed the rock a couple of hundred at a time, hit each one with the chisel and then smacked with a hammer to collect.

An AOE chisel would have cut down the time it took hugely. :grin:


An aoe type change would be nice, but I would rather have a new machine to type change mass quantities or rock and wood types.


Or even an augment that can be applied to a stack of blocks to change from sedimentary to igneous for example. Giving us a new craftable that can be sold (and in high demand i would assume)


Nope, you still have the stop & go while you have to wait for energy to regen.


Not sure about normal chisels personally, but could we change transmutation to have AOE levels after the first one? Level 1: Transmutation, Level 2: Cross AOE transmutation, Level 3: All AOE Transmutation.

Would be convenient for changing a bunch of bricks quickly.

If you’re asking about AOE Chisels…


Energy regen epic. Energy epic with max zeal and attributes bonus.

I have hardly any problems with energy with this setup.


Yup, ignored it for a while for the other (was it health?) But after trying it out I will never take it off again. Waiting 1sec instead of 10 or so is a huge win to me!


I’d say the first one. Would be pretty helpful and I feel has more use cases than the latter - especially with different types of AoE, I think the existing AoE boon wouldn’t work on chisels since the downsides don’t make sense, and for chisels specifically I would really like to see a higher vertical AoE type (than 2). Chiseling rows and columns of blocks would probably be the most common use. I’m not sure if a boon would make sense actually, since customizing the AoE type would be more important (than simply maximizing amount of blocks hit).

Heck, maybe chisel augments for different AoE types? I think that could be amazing.

But the thing I’d be most excited about with any of these choices is the possibility of a full 3x3 AoE block type changer. I had to place and convert thousands of blocks at this point as well, and I know I’m not the only one longing for it!