Prestige Balance in Testing 218

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A good reason to keep it is if someone takes over your settlement you keep your guild identity and still can be listed in main list. If guilds go to a seperate list and someone takes over and changes settlement name then essentially their identity gets hidden.


The issue here is that the game is presenting: “Guild Aligned Settlements” and “Greater Settlements” in a single leaderboard.

My fix for this is simply to hide any duplicates with identical names.

Historically people have proposed having 2 different leaderboards - but I don’t like this - because it could mean that groups could get bumped from the “Greater” leaderboard onto the “Guild Aligned” leaderboard. I want to avoid this.


Would you just drop the lower valued duplicate?


Yes - but only if they’re named identically.


If one of them is being dropped, Will there be a way for the person(s) this is effecting to pick which one gets dropped? Maybe some people would prefer the one that haves the guild tag, while others would prefer the one with out the guild tag.

Also this doesn’t fix the problem for the in game leader board IF the people in the top 5 elect to keep the names different, because then we have just 2 entitys eating up slots 1 2 3 and 4, and not just 2 slots.

I would think because there is a risk of people keeping the slots filled up. The leader board should contain the top 10, and not the top 5


Could there be some sort of label or difference in color/text for the guild aligned settlements on the list in order to be able to tell apart guild aligned settlements and greater settlements with the same name?


Well I am not a fan of this change, but it is what it is. I buildwith only a handful of different materials. So pretty much all of my builds will suffer. GG prestige trolls, you win again!

Also, my two cents, builds with a bunch of various blocks are ugly.


Your responses are mine I share as well. I REALLY do not understand why you would penalize using blocks from a different planet. Seems a bit authoritarian to me.


It’s the opposite.

Prestige is rewarded when using colours from different worlds.


How granular exactly is “each type of chisel shape”?

Does it factor in rotation as well? For example “top east facing edge chiseled with bevel vs. bottom east facing edge chiseled with bevel vs. top south facing edge chiseled with bevel”.


its bucketed approximately by “how many corners were removed” and whether its slope/bevel/crafted so rotations all group together. which I think makes sense, a larger variation of shapes required different amounts of corners removed from the blocks, and different kinds of chisels; rotations dont make a new shape type. Its bucketed a bit more loosely so that 1 and 2 corners removed by a bevel chisel are the same bucket since there are more “kinds” of shapes that have 3 corners removed by a bevel than there is by removing just 1 or 2.


I agree with this
excited for the other changes but can’t understand why we would be penalised for using foreign blocks… surely they are less abundant and harder to harvest so should in my mind add more prestige than natives?

*edit: I re read it and see now that it wants a mixture of native and alien… I’m not gonna pretend to understand hahah


There is no penalisation, the OP description is not correct…

A major point of the new impl is that placing blocks or chiselling will never reduce prestige, it may not ‘increase’ as much as usual if distributions etc are bad, but will always go up; and if the new placement makes distributions better than before then the prestige will just go up ‘more’ than usual to award you for doing so. Always increase.


Maybe that’s the point of the people (like myself) who are saying they don’t get the exotic vs native block prestige thing. If it takes a developer to explain it, or if missing a single piece of information like ‘Exotic blocks provide extra prestige’ can completely invert how people see a system, maybe it’s unnecessarily complicated?

From my (sometimes too ‘logic-only’) point of view:

Time/Effort invested = More prestige: Gathering harder blocks, Chiselling - Great, totally logical.

Abuse Prevention Mechanics = More Prestige: Weighted Bucket variances, Building Space. Sure it’s a little opinionated, but it’s better to try to prevent gaming the system to a reasonable degree.

??? = More Prestige: Exotic vs Native colour distinction.

I might just be missing something obvious, but I don’t understand what deliberate purpose it serves. Given the ease with which you can travel to other worlds to gather exotic blocks, I don’t find it any harder than gathering native ones, so doesn’t need more prestige on that basis. It also doesn’t really hinder people looking to game the system, so doesn’t need more prestige on that basis.

To me, it would make more sense to simplify this to Bucketing by colour (or similar groups of colour, as may be more efficient), irrespective of origin. It is then simple to understand:

Time/Effort invested gathering a range of colours = More Prestige.


Maybe they are looking at when we can dye blocks and want to make finding the color worth something versus dying to get the color? I would expect you already will get a bump from the effort to create a dyed block, should you get extra points because of the colors or is it better to use the fact that you had to find the different color on another planet to award extra prestige?


Gathering blocks and hence tints from other worlds takes more time/effort investment = a boost in prestige - and is exactly as implemented.

It’s just not being explained very well. (The bucketing implementation is irrelevant - that is simply how the system counts things.) What matters is that when you add blocks from another world to your beacon you’ll get an additional lift in prestige.


So color me curious. For example, we have Planet A with Dark Berry Sedimentary stone, and Planet B with Dark Berry Metamorphic stone. Would the Dark Berry Metamorphic stone be considered “exotic” when placed on Planet A?


More accurate would be ‘when placing blocks you cannot find on the current world’, so no, not exotic.

Think: getting a mcdonalds isnt exotic just because you’re in another country :slight_smile:


What if I’m from the U.S. and travel to Spain to order the McIberica?


Wait so, tint/block origin isn’t what’s considered here?

If using dark berry metamorphic on a world without dark berry metamorphic isn’t exotic, I’ve been misunderstanding this whole time.

So, for instance, you would need to place something like a sponge block on a world with no sponge blocks at all in order to receive an exotic bonus?

Does this mean there’s basically no block which can trigger an exotic bonus by the time you’re on a t6 planet with every block type?

Also in a related question, does this bonus apply only to prestige from the blocks meeting the ‘exotic’ qualification or is it applied to the build prestige as a whole?