Prestige Entropy?


I was documenting individual block prestige values when I discovered something curious. There is a steady loss of prestige points, the more blocks you place. For example, When I place a single decorative rock in an otherwise empty plot, it bumps prestige to 27. You would expect that the next decorative stone placed would also have a value of 27 and therefor bump prestige to 54. Oddly enough it becomes 55 instead. I decided to investigate further. I honestly thought at first that the extra point was some kind of incentive for placing more blocks that One. Decorative Rock block #3 also added one extra point. But then #4 Subtracted 3 points, bringing the prestige of the beacon into a state of -1 from where it should be (27x4=108, but now I had 107). It continues from there, a steady and cumulative drain on prestige, until I stopped at 60 placed decorative rock blocks in the plot, and where I should have had 60x27=1620, I instead had 1517, a negative difference of -103 prestige points. I can’t tell if this is a bug or intentional, but I also can’t imagine why it would be like this on purpose. Further experimentation reveals that it does not appear to matter what kind of blocks you place or what the original prestige was.

For Reference:

#OfDecoRock Expected Prestige Actual Prestige Difference(total)

27 x 1 27 27 0

27 x 2 54 55 +1

27 x 3 81 83 +2

27 x 4 108 107 -1

27 x 5 135 132 -3

27 x 6 162 156 -6

27 x 7 189 181 -8

27 x 8 216 205 -11

27 x 9 243 230 -13

27 x 10 270 254 -16

27 x 20 540 498 -42

27 x 30 810 746 -64

27 x 40 1080 998 -82

27 x 50 1350 1255 -95

27 x 60 1620 1517 -103


would this have to do with the block variety mechanic? it encourages players to use a variety of blocks instead of using one block type for the whole build


If youre on PC, while in your plot press F1 and select Menu -> Debug Info -> Selection -> Beacon

This will bring up the bonuses your beacon receives based on factors like Variation, Exotic Ratio, Size, Built Ratio, and Chiseled Ratio. These all increase the final prestige.


I play on Mac, not sure if the same thing applies, but I will certainly try it next time I log in. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


yep, works on mac too.
–as long as you have an F1 button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s simple, there are 5 different categories for bonus prestige points. You have to work your way out to keep the bonuses as high as possible.



is it just me or has this drop down been removed ???


Yes, it seems to have been removed. My guess would be that it makes it harder to “game” the system if players can’t see specifics about what’s going on. But it could be for another reason. :slight_smile:

It might have been better to have started a new topic than revive this one though?