Prestige limitations explained?


So while building recently, a friend had advised me that while I was using high prestige blocks, I would lose a lot of prestige if using the same block in a large area?

I was hoping someone could shed some light on this, perhaps even give some exact numbers (how many in an area, how much it affects prestige etc etc)

Many Thanks

Nawty :v:t3:

  • Histogram of Prestige Buckets: Each prestige value of a block/prop falls into a bucket value of prestige (i.e. 10 prestige items 12 prestige items and so on). The game will now look at the histogram of spread of blocks/props across the beacon area. If the beacon is considered to have a good spread of prestige items in each bucket, the final score will not be changed. If the spread is very uneven (so for example, then thousand 50-prestige items but barely anything else), the game will begin to penalise the total prestige on a curve of how uneven the spread is.
  • Prestige Weighting: This works in tandem with the above Prestige buckets. Since realistically a build will tend to use a lot of lower value blocks (woods & stone etc.) rather than a castle of Diamond, we have made sure the ideal “spread” of prestige buckets will act more favourably to larger lower value buckets.


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As far as I know, this is the last mention of prestige in the release notes. Correct me please if i am wrong.

James said the following:

  • The prestige system has had major work in rebalancing both prestige rewarded per block type, and by the total calculation of prestige within a beaconed area.
  • The main aim was to rebalance the prestige values for all blocks so that they are more accurately related to the cost of collection and production. This brings them up to date with changes to the rarity of blocks since the prestige system was added to the game.
  • The prestige calculation has also been updated to better reward sufficient variation.
  • All blocks will now give prestige, including: Soil, Rocks, Foliage and Trunks, which will now count towards your total.
  • All meshes will also give prestige: machines, doors, poles, beams, torches, storage, flowers, etc.
  • The only items that don’t give prestige are Air, Mantle, Water and Lava.
  • Prestige algorithm changes:
    • The old prestige system calculated prestige as the sum of all block prestige for placed blocks in the beacon, combined with a percentage bonus of that prestige based on variation of blocks, otherworldly colours and chiselling, and the amount of built vs unbuilt space within the beacon. The problems were that users were able to spam high prestige blocks in a solid block and get massive prestige, whilst the percentage bonuses often meant that placing a block could actually reduce your prestige instead due to the bonuses fluctuating and having a much larger negative impact than the small positive increase in the base prestige.
    • The new prestige system works such that prestige will never, ever decrease as a result of adding a block, chiselling a block, or adding a plot to the beacon and works to prevent spamming a single category of block from providing large prestige boosts; the increase in prestige may be minuscule or even 0 (eg, spamming a single category of block too much), or may add more prestige than it normally would do (eg, if you previously had spammed a single category of block, but the changes now being made are evening out the distribution so that those blocks that previously gave little to no prestige are now permitted to provide more), but will never reduce the prestige.
    • The system of percentage bonuses is reworked into instead providing extra prestige without respect to the base prestige of the beacon, again in such a way that adding a block, chiselling a block or adding a plot to the beacon will never reduce prestige, but may provide little to no extra prestige, or more than would normally.
    • The chiselled bonus now takes variation of chiselling into account so that the maximum prestige requires a decent variation of chiselled shapes so that spamming the beacon with a single chisel shape type will not produce a large prestige boost.
    • Some beacons may find that they now get a prestige boost compared to before, but others prestige will be reduced, sometimes greatly should the old system have been abused too much. However in general prestige will remain fairly constant across all beacons.
    • Fixed a bug in prestige where metal doors would be classified as otherworldly in colour.


Mix it up😊 use a bunch of everything.

People used to build prestige basements/towers by burying machined metals and high prestige blocks just so they could have the prestige.

I’ve always built for how it looks and prestige never really mattered to me.


Who cares about prestige build something Awesome I built :rainbow: Dash in Eresho mwahahahaha


Metal loses its value so fast, I’ve done it and it give very low prestige compared to beginning xD

Now I need to spam gleam or something :<


I mean I’m not overly fussed about prestige, and I am building my build exactly how I want, rather than going for prestige. That being said, if I can get good prestige while doing that, and not losing it then I will.

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Flan woulda been easier you only need a million prestige but I couldn’t do how gloomy it was there lol


My understanding of the prestige as it works currently, based on my observations on my own build, is that you never actually lose prestige anymore. Chisel shapes either give prestige or don’t, depending on how often they’ve been used in a build, see below for more about the way chisel prestige bonuses work currently:

In any case, to be brief about it, what seems to happen these days is that the same type of block does give progressively less prestige for every additional placement of that same type of block but you will always be able to continue accruing prestige regardless of how much of a block you’ve used. As suggested, variety is “important” to “maximise”.


Hey, don’t give anyone any ideas lolol.

That’s what I’m working for already! Just got some of the decorative gems I needed for the roads too. Hehehe.


As a note though, I think you use a lot of decorative gems. Each of the gems count as a different block so you should be good.

Mixing in a little bit of natural in with that heavily processed stuff gives a nice boost to prestige AND it does add a nice air to the whole thing too, in my opinion lol.


I have understood this is beacon based. So when chasing high prestige for settlement it would be good now to split area to many beacons to keep higher prestige.


Is it beacon based or “chunk” based? For some reason I was thinking it was chunk based but separated by your own individual beacon.


I haven’t made any tests, this could be possible. I hate to have many individual beacons and I got my viceroy achievement long time ago, so haven’t been trying to be high on prestige list anymore :slight_smile:


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Haha, that’s the only reason I want it. :man_facepalming:t3: Seems slip stream had the same idea too :joy:


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