Prestige list

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Hello everyone,

I have made a list with blocks and its prestige since i noticed that the old forum posts where outdated. Here is the link to the spreadsheet i made:

Feel free to comment any other other blocks and its prestige values and i will add them to the list. Also the size percentage and the built percentage i dont get how they work and what their max percentages are.


cool :slight_smile: I’ll take a look later to parse from game files full list.

And everyone please don’t get too obsessed with prestige you should also have fun :wink: hahaha Happened to me, so, yeah, ti’s a thing


Aside the “world domination sheme” it can be very useful for new players to reach the 10k settlement status (and then switch to blocks more related to their build)
Thanks for the infos! :grinning:


I dont get how trunks can be -1

I removed an entire tree yesterday, it made me lose prestige o.O

  • Oh and, to add to that, it seems to be giving me more prestige placing more trunks as well, not sure whats up with that.


This is what I got…


It is only -1 if you already have some prestige and than add natural materials (sand, trunks etc) but I think you actually get some prestige if it’s from another world since it bumps up exotic ratio.


Base values (but not as easy to consume as the spreadsheet):

and the config for some of the modifiers:


Use my sheet instead! It is more readable… and doesn’t have leaks in it!! :joy:


Is this current? Sorry for the bump but this is the newest date I could find on he inter web. Any updates would be sweet!



Thank you! Nice links.


Are gleam and metal signs worth the same as stone and wood?