Price for lootstick?

Anyone know where the price for lootstick are now?

Did you want a Lootstick?

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Depends on the type. You can find it on a chisel for around 1k but on a wayfarer totem youre looking at closer to 5k


Some here want to sell to newbies to help them out., but not know the price.
I never buy them so i have no idea…I make miy own.

Buy a spanner loot stick. It’ll last a lifetime.


I have loot stick for newbies at 600 at the east of Maryx centre. if it’s empty I can make mote


i have stone chisel lootsticks for sale on Alder, pretty affordable! At the Fancy Market. Portals at TNT in the malls and market section, as well as in my stores at the Naughty Mall and DK Mall

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I exclusively use ruby spanners for my loot and glow sticks, it just wouldn’t feel right to use anything else now!
(Apart from with Prairie, she uses a lovely candy totem I was gifted from Wake :slight_smile: )


If its a spanner/chisel they are relatively cheap to make, i agree 600 sounds fine. If your turning totems it’d be quite a bit more

How are totems more when their free to make unless it’s wayfarer ones.

Totems require more forging materials because they are low flexibility. As a PSA if you want to use your totem lootstick to revive it also won’t last forever since reviving reduces durability. Still useful to have a totem lootstick stacking with non-forged totems for reviving (saves 1 inventory space compared to having a spanner).

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Totems are a b**** to forge. Quite literally. They require higher tier ingredients to complete a “perfect” or “near perfect” forge.


Or gleambow, or candy.

Even on the free ones though (who would forge that IDK) it’s definitely the 42% flexibility that makes it expensive.

Less than half the boon points at every roll.

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It’s hard to search for totem loot sticks with the knowledge tab or butt. We sell wayfarer’s, max glow max magnet, mostly defect/quirk free for 6k. Shop is EZPZ, on Maryx and at DK Mall

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