Prices in Boundless


Sorry for my bad english, i never got it at school and used the google translator.

Here’s a little tip to all shop owners who really want to have the cheapest prices to get more customers and to rob others of the fun because they can not afford the prices.

Attention here comes the tip:
The 0, is definitely the smallest number.

No seriously. do you also think about your prices? or are you battling without meaning and understanding a number? Or no real life, that you can play 24/7?

Sorry for the harsh words, but it just ****** me off.
I do not know if you can do something here, I’ve already made some suggestions, but all were torn apart in the air by the old Boundless. So something new has to come around to attract and keep new players. But above all, something has to change the price policy.


I’m not quite sure what you are asking here? Is this referring to the prices for items that players set within the game? If so, that is part of the game. It’s a player run economy, prices will vary, prices will fluctuate.


I thought prices were low. Most people are making stuff almost at cost these days. You could always just farm/craft it yourself like I do


Yes, but is Boundless not an MMO? - Would not it break the game if everyone does their own thing?


Not really, the economy is there for those that want to use it. I personally think the game leans more towards people gathering their own stuff and using the economy every now and then. But im sure there’s also people who think the opposite of me.

Part of the fun for me is gathering


Are you bothered by low prices or high prices?
I’m not sure it’s clear in your OP.


What? Everything should be free in shops? Is that what you’re asking?


What is it exactly that you want?

You seem angry that your ideas are being rejected, I get that that might be rather frustrating, but the 2 ideas I can think of you proposed were buying coin with cubits because you can’t get enough of them in game and the recent one about regen bombs regenerating everything and where you later added that shop owners don’t deserve more than 1c for everything.

Both suggestions have to do with coins so I am assuming that there is your real issue.

I also wonder why these 2 suggestions because the latest would mean that coin is even harder to obtain than it currently is since everything is worthless and not worth anyone’s time to go out and gather. Besides people with request baskets giving high prices for items that can’t be regenerated now will disappear wih what you are suggesting there resulting in even less coin to obtain.

So tell us, what is it that you really want? What is the game not letting you do in it’s current form?

And why did you even propose the thing with regen bombs, do you use all those mats yourself or do you want to sell them? In the first scenario I can sorta understand it, in the second I really can’t because even though you might be able to find 50 more glow lamellas in the same time as now is the case but if they are worth 50 times less what is even the point? Or worse, what if no one is buying them anymore because they are so easy to get?

I feel that your suggestions come from something that frustrates you with the game and you then overlook the repercussions it might have…


Probably should wait to answer, but free few minutes before going back to game.
While I can understand the frustration at some of the prices, one shop has them at a high price while another has them at a lower price, that is part of the game, we can chose the price we want to sell the item for.
The chose to buy is Yours, you can look for cheaper prices and refuse to buy the high ones. Yes, that can be frustrating, taking up time and some don’t have the time but that the same in real life, you have to shop around for a low price or pay the higher price. The price policy will, in my opinion, Never change, it works for the most part, buyer beware is how it works, you are responsible in looking for the lowest price, not the seller adjusting to satisfy your wants.
You can look, gather and mine for items that you need in many areas, I mine for ores, and get what I need for the most part, even has spare to trade for gems or tools sometimes.
In some of your other posts, they are unfair to many of the other players, the regen to make prices lower can help to some extent a few, but those who can’t afford regen bombs are stuck getting smaller amounts and so don’t have a lot to sell. Those who do get a lot to sell have to pay for the regen bombs and want to recoup the price in what they sell. And because the supply has increased the prices have dropped, when I first looked for green yams they were 60coins or higher, now I can buy them sometimes for 5 coins and up to 15c some want more but I ignore those shops.
This is a MMO game, not a sandbox game so rules of playing are different. Some MMO may have set prices, or a limit on how much you charge, but the devs wanted it this way and it is their game; they make the decisions. not the players, they do listen to us, though
If you are upset with the prices, you can make suggestions, but don’t expect them to be done because you want them, sorry for that, but others don’t.
I don’t want to be forced to charge a set price. I try to have the lowest prices on what I sell, and accept that some still are willing to pay the higher prices. That is their choice.
As for torn in the air by the old Boundless, I’m not old, I bought when it was released and I felt the prices were to high, that we got too few coins and that the footfall was not fair also, those who didn’t have bases near cities lost out.
The Devs listened me and others and changed how footfall was given, making it more fair to some, it still needs more adjusting, but I trust they will get it changed at some point.
You will need to explain better what you want so we can understand and the devs can understand what you want. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time, but others may not want what you want and not all of them are only the old Boundless players, some are the new ones.


Don’t be mad, open a 0 coin shop of your own and set the example for everyone else. Be the change you want to see.


I’m behind @AeneaGames on this one.
I understood it as you are low on coin, which is absolutely understandable. But are also upset because your shop has higher prices than other shops around you in an attempt to make the coin you want to have. in turn, leaving you with less coin still since everyone is buying from the other, possibily cheaper shops.
And that’s causing you to get frustrated because the other shops, you feel, are ruining your fun of the game for you?

Having lots of coin doesn’t make fun. It makes conveniences.

Ich bin hinter @AeneaGames auf diesem.
Ich habe es verstanden, weil sie ungut sind, was absolut verständlich ist.Aber sind auch verärgert, weil Ihr shop höhere preise(?) hat als andere geschäfte um sie herum, um zu versuchen, die münze zu machen, die sie haben wollen. Im gegenzug, so das sie mit weniger münze noch, da jeder kauft von den anderen, möglicher weise(?) billigeren geschäften.
Und das führt da zu, dass sie frustriert werden, weil die anderen laden, wie sie fühlen, ihren spass am spiel für sie ruinieren?

Viel münze zu haben, macht nicht unbedingt spass. Das macht be quemlichkeit(?) fur mich.

(?) = Not sure if those were the right words, spelled right, or in the right spot of the sentence.

(?)= Nicht sicher, ob das die richtigen worte waren, die richtig geschrieben wurden, oder an der richtigen stellen das satzes.


There is too many request baskets in the game to want everything handed to you. It seems you might want to try a single player building game if you want stuff so easy.

This is a MMO, a MMO needs some kind of economy or itll cut out a lot of the playerbase. Also creates a social aspect of the game which is more playerbase. The ideas you have mentioned are crazy and game breaking.

Also, since some play more then you, they have no life? I am a stay at home parent, 2 kids. I probably play more then a lot of people on here. But in no way does that mean i have no life lol.
You attempt to down someone because they dont agree with you.

And Tore apart by the old boundless… What is the old boundless. This game left early access in Aug :expressionless: All the new people dont like having an economy?


I think you might have meant something :man_shrugging: else, but BL is an open-world sandbox MMO. This is the reason the devs try to be as hands-off as they possibly can.:+1: It means we are free to explore, build, craft, skill up, etc at our own speed, and to whatever degree that we like. :hammer_and_wrench::house:

I play a lot of MMORPGs and most don’t have set prices. Some have NPCs or places you can buy/sell things at certain prices, but they still allow you to freely buy/sell to any player at any price. They have robust, free markets.:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::slightly_smiling_face:



Probably just google translate being google translate.


Didn’t realize it was listed as a sandbox MMO game. Didn’t realize also that a game could be both, silly of me, but thought of them as two separate game types.

Either way, what the OP is wanting isn’t possible, very few players would go for anything the he/she wants.

If the OP prices are higher than others he can’t blame others for going to their shop and complain that the prices should be dropped low, he/she should drop their prices to match them.