Pricing question

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So I’ve got a variety of rare/super rare stuff I’m not using/ planning to use and was debating just selling or trade off for other gleam I need or Oort etc
(Red gleam, black foliage, white wood, black growth, etc)
But was wondering how people price their extreme rare stuff
Like what are you specifically willing to pay for stuff like that
I know it’s a wildly debated thing and if someone just has a specific thing/color I can make a list of stuff and quantity I am looking to sell/trade

Gleam wise I’d probably trade piece for piece for the rare ones for bright mustard gleam until I have enough for my build XD

Thoughts appreciated and adored
Much :two_hearts::two_hearts::kissing_heart:
Foxxy :hugs:


I suggest you put a price on it such that you will be happy when it’s sold.

To begin with it’s clear that people will pay 1k - 3k for a block in a color that’s rare but special to them.

Coveted colors (red/white/black in many items) will go for 5k, sometimes if it’s super rare they’ve gone for up to 10k but honestly, gleambow colors are no longer time limited and nobody knows when a bunch will appear.

Still a lot of people won’t be bothered to harvest less desirable blocks. This means if you’re looking for thorns in an unavailable color, well you have a better chance of finding a block of red gleam TBH.

If you’re not attached to them, I’d put them on stands for 1k each (blocks that are surely gleambow or color-changing planet) and specifically desirable blocks (gleam/glass) up to 3k. Primary colors at 5k.

When I had my gleambow stands up I put all the gleambow blocks in them, I couldn’t be bothered to research that deeply. People find the colors they need, and someone who’s looking for it knows how rare it is.

I did the same with exo gathered plants and flowers for a long time. Nobody even approaches a stand of 250c flowers (or whatever) most of the year. Then suddenly they color an event item and again, people find the colors they need.


If you have rare colors you don’t need especially gleam or flowers let me know I can probably trade or buy them.

As to your question, there are a few select colors I’d pay more for. I have paid upwards of 5k a few times for some rare gleam as I am in hopes of building with said colors.

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its a dificult question, i know im in minority that love natural deco blocks as tangle thorns mud ash growth sponge but no mstter how i like to have this color im not going to pay 3-10k per piece, ill rather wait for exo to find few blocks for my color display :smiley: same for gleambow gleam, i need 3 blocks of every color to decorate my color display, but 5-10k per piece? bo way :smiley:

you can set any price you want, its a free market :smiley:

i was happy few days ago, i bought rare gleambow gwowth in several colors i missed for 10c a piece :smiley: there were also single blocks of wood, rocks, sponge, and other blocks in similiar prices, max was 25c per piece, gleambow gleam its different story, theyre always 5k or more


What are the rare colours, is it basically any that only spawn rarely on exos ?

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If you don’t want your gleambow “foliage” I’ll gladly take it off your hands lol

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yes, rare colors are those only available from gleambow meteors and those appearing on exos once a year :wink:
all colors that are unavailable to pick at sov are just rare :smiley:


I’m basically going through and pulling out stuff while double checking world control color option on boundless info to see if it is available on sovs, anything that I know without a doubt I’m not going to use and it’s just going to sit in a chest for all eternity in my house when It could be becoming something magnificent. I’m putting into piles to sell lol may be exo exclusive may be super rare gleambow exclusive I think I’ll put together a list and put it out into the universe.

Everything y’all have written so far has been very illuminating, and I definitely appreciate any thoughts that come my way. I don’t really wanna build a shop for it, even tho I’ve been collecting and stashing colors up for years now . . . I’ve got enough to do with my :joy: little :joy: marble shop, I don’t need the extra headache lol by now I feel like almost everyone either knows how to find me or knows someone who does so once I get a decent list compiled I’ll probably post it on here and do a first come first served scenario.

how many red do you have :wink:


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The recent days I was also thinking about this. One idea is to sell gleam for 1k each and when stock lowers then increase the price. Exception is red which is in such high demand that 5k should be a price you can get for it.
Similar procedure for other gleambow items.

Bought gleambow gleams at up to 1k each the last days. Mostly cherry and deep red as pure red is too expensive for my taste.

I have 100 bright mustard I can trade. Would be interested in cherry and deep red.

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I’d be interested in slate shades. Deep greens and any mustards.
As I’m sure others will be vying for the red, I’ll leave that to them.
Unless some kind soul would be willing to trade/sell me enough for a heart. 50-60 pieces of red gleam would be enough to recreate the heart I did for hubs last Valentines day

Poke me here or on discord. Thank you


I’ll take a peek when I’m on later and see what I’ve got in those

I’ll look through those tonight

@Lorgar I’ve got 40 deep red and 12 cherry gleam that I can part with

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Are dark red and shadow red selectable? I have a bunch of shadow red I feel like it must be. With this few dark red I’m not sure.

I have my gleambow gleams hidden from my bulk stuff but I have actually no idea how many “uncommon” colors from old exos I might have sold off when I sold a bunch of gleam to someone today :rofl: I just sold her most of what I had <5k of.

Dark red is yea

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Shadow red is not selectable?

NEver mind I went to boundlexx I’m looking at these color snow. Thanks @Foxx449

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I’m so tempted but I did offer it to @Redlotus redlotus first I’m going to be gleambowing it up as hard as I can to get some rare mustard tans and taupes of various things when I get another pile I’ll give u a heads up

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There are no rare shades of slate gleam. All of slate gleam is unlocked.

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