Problem with Quirk Removal Solvent 2 not working

I believe this is actually expected behavior…when it drains points it goes back into the slider, if the slider caps out it won’t drain more points. If it can’t drain all the points the quirk doesn’t remove. I agree though the description is a bit misleading BUT if it did remove the quirk without draining all the points I could see people finding a way to exploit that as a way to reduce overall quirk points on the forging.

So you need to start removing quirks before the quirk slider maxes out OR use a transmute instead OR remove quirk points first with the appropriate potion (which I can’t remember the name for the life of me)

As for Quirk Removal 1…I find it best used as a way to reroll particularly nasty quirks I don’t want (like bouncy feet or bleeding edge) Or to deactivate the top quirk at the end of a forging. Since I use fate pastes a lot I can still typically pull out T6 gear without any quirks if I want them clean using this.

The general market seems to be okay with the new quirks too. I rarely find someone who is willing to spend an extra 5-10k on a tool to have it be guaranteed clean due to the massive costs of roadrunner feathers. At least with QR1 needing only wildstock horns it’s a much cheaper way to keep the nasty quirks at bay.