Problem with Quirk Removal Solvent 2 not working

Maybe I am missing something.

I had an idea that I thought should maybe work, but it did not.

With the Boon Removal Solvent 1, it is possible to erase all 3 applied boons, and Resin to start over.
So I thought… well, why don’t I just wait ‘til the end of the forge, when I have 3 quirks I don’t want, then Quirk Removal 2 them into oblivion!
I tested it, by applying 3 quirks, then making them go away… so success! (or so I thought)
So I’m feelin’ happy! Forging my slingbow… it’s gonna be sooo sweet without quirks! Derpy derrr… ok, got the boons where I want them, now lets erase these nasty quirks!
Applied Quirk Removal 2… no effect. Huh…? Oh, It musta been a bad roll (I used the Exit/enter fast forge technique). So I try again, but this time watch the sliders…
Ok… the quirk is not draining… this is not good… the bar is still full! aaand its rolling… doesnt matter.
Ok… so maybe I’m stupid and the quirks are saved up? Lets burn 5 friggin’ more of these feather solvents here… nothing…nothing…Nothing…NOTHING!

What am I missing? Please explain it to me.

-once the quirk is full and activated, are points still pumped into it? butwhy… quirks dont have levels. they should stop taking points when full. and if so… can I pump points into my boons then??? secondly if so… I would like to see that amount, so that I may know the correct number of feather solvents i need to pump into it to get rid of the last quirk.

I feel this should work. The Quirk Solvent 2 uses the super-rare feathers, so the trade off is there. They should at least do something! Super-rare-powerful-ingredient… but does nada? I have a slight issue with this =P

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Sorry but quirks are here to stay even if you want to remove them with expensive resources as that’s what we as players want… :wink:

At 200 vigor a pop and needing road runner feathers they must had figured no one would use the level 2 version. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I just got a vision of the team as they put these in…

“Ha! No one is EVER going to use these! I mean… what kind of IDIOT would burn feathers like this!!!”

“Hey Boss, The Quirk Removal breaks halfway through the forge process, want me to fix it?”

“Weren’t you listening Johnson?!!? No one will ever find out! Cause no one is EVER going to use these useless things! Now go get us some coffee!!”

lol, jkjkjk devs. I’m SURE they had no idea, or this isn’t the intended behavior =P

After breaking the bank with those feathers, you might be quirk-removal insolvent…

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I can’t believe I laughed at that… I’m still laughing!

It was not done on the test server either… =(

Bug since update, for me:
Unable to see Health bar on advanced Coils, all types, no repair Health Floating numbers either so have to allways check the text Output on the Right side.

@Crete, could you amend the topic title slightly to better reflect the first post that you’ve written? That way, it’s easy for other people to see a summary of what the topic is about. Also, it’s not really necessary to put the release version in the title as everyone will have access to the same live release anyway. Although if it’s a testing release that’s not yet made it to the live version, then you could indicate it as so.

@FayaAOP, your issue is a bit different to one posted by @Crete, so it’s probably better to put it in a separate forum topic. But I’ll answer it anyway.

I can’t see the issue on my side. Is this on your own settlement or are you a member of someone else’s? If it’s the latter, can you confirm if you have been given the builder permission?

Sure! :smiley:

Was the Quirk slider bar full as well? I don’t think you can remove any points if there’s no room to store the points… or does the solvent remove 100% of them?

The Quirk itself was full, and the slider was full.

I think I know where you are going, but I don’t think I should have to use a Quirk Reduction Compound to “make room” for the incoming points.

With Boon Removal, If there are extra Boon points, that would make the slider go above max, then they are lost.

Also, I have not tested, but in the middle of a Forge, when maybe 2 quirks are applied, the slider bar being full isn’t a factor (i think). The “extra” quirk points are just lost if it would fill up past the slider’s max.

I dunno, I just feel it should act like boon removal solvents.

(Quirk Removal Solvent 2 - “Removes the last Quirk applied, and adds 50% of it’s Quirk Points”) and then it re-rolls the quirk slider.

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this is not true. I’ve used boon removal to get an AOE 5 hammer back to AOE4.

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Same here… I think the removal solvents can only remove as much as there’s room in the slider… so up to 1000 (which I guess would really be 2000 if you’re throwing 50% of them away) so if everything is “constipated” then I don’t think much is going to get done… but I could be wrong :wink:

Ah, good point. Still, if the quirk removal DID work that way, it would have re-rolled the slider, and could have rolled a lesser amount, just like you got with AOE.

It did not re-roll… just ate the solvent.

If the graphic showed the Quirk draining, then re-rolled the slider, and I got the same one, fully activated, then I feel that would be acceptable. But again, it didn’t do anything. Just click click click stop. Solvent gone.

I will test this, brb! =D

I’m back! =D

So, first test was all the quirks and slider full:

Aaaand, No such luck. I rolled the Quirk Removal Solvent 2, and the Carpe Diem quirk did not drain, BUT the slider did bounce. So that adds up, same as OP. Check. Did nothing.

On the Second test, I wanted a full quirk with an ALMOST full slider bar, that clearly doesn’t have enough room for those quirk points.

Got it! So now I want to roll my Quirk Removal Solvent 2 and see what happens. Cause there is not enough room for all those points in that slider! Here we go!

Well, it let me roll it! and the points pushed almost fully out of the top one, and activated the bottom one upon slider roll. So it looks like it drained just enough that it had room for. But that’s OK! cause this is where I want to be! (even though the description says removes last quirk… it didn’t)

So this is OK, I can deal with this, next roll hopefully comes up empty on the slider and we are 1 out of 3 down! Roll another Quirk Removal 2!

Yesssss! 1 down 2 to go! This is (kinda) what I remember it going like!

But, if it only drains what it has room for… when would there ever be room for Quirk Removal 1, which does 100%? There is never enough room for 100% of a full quirk, unless you just started.

I think the problem is the description. When it says:

It does not do this. It does not remove the Quirk. And Quirk Removal 1 almost would never remove the Quirk.
It is more like:

“Drains Points from the last activated Quirk, until the Quirk slider is full.” - Quirk Draining Solvent.

Can an Oortian get a real quirk removal please?

And may as well get rid of Quirk Removal 1… as it is borderline wasting peoples resources as they try to figure that one out.

(That wasn’t directed at you Jiivita! lol, I just replied to you for the going testing thing, =P)

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I guess i dont understand how or why there is a test server if everythings not being tested fully. Do yall need some dedicated testers? Whats the deal here. Why do these things keep being over looked…

To clarify my first post:

I am unable to see the Health bar Damage on my own Coils, other peoples Coils i can see the Health bar.
This bug i reported as i was told by Kernal via ingame report, 4 weeks ago.
With the latest update, i dont get any Floating repair numbers anymore aswell.
So, i am unable to see if a coil is damaged and i dont get any Floating numbers aswell.
My own advanced Coils, all machines, in my own settlment.

And i could have sworn i posted in the correct thread with a title like Bugs in newest release, vs 209…weird.

@FayaAOP Sounds like someone else is having the same exact problem:

Maybe head over to that post and discuss the similarities, see what you can’t figure out!

The test server is for us players to go and test things. I’m sure they have their own internal test server that we can’t access too.

If not enough testing is done, that’s on us to some degree- we ought to be spending more time in the test server :slight_smile:

Any luck looking into this @vdragon ?