Problematic connection to Australia servers only

I seem to experiencing an extremely high lag, or unstable pings, to ONLY the Australian servers.
I am connecting from Singappore, I am using a Fibre connection, and I am using only cabled connection to the computer that runs Boundless. Below is a screen cap of the latency graph.

I can play on any of the other servers fine, except on all 3 Australian servers.
Below is a screen cap of my cloud ping.

you could try doing


This will show all the hops that your data is going through to get to the server, which can help identify where exactly the latency is occurring.

Keep in mind the output from this will have IP addresses in it that you’ll likely want to keep private.

Once you know where the latency/packet-loss is happening, you can determine the right people to contact about it.

Thanks @Simoyd for the suggestion. Below is the screen cap of the trace route. Being able to make sense out of the info there is above me, besides the fact that it shows the pings to the different servers it touches. I shall leave the analysis to the experts.


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so circled in red is packet loss. It looks like hop 17 and down is amazon.

You could try “ping -t” (hop 17) and leave it for a minute or two. See if there’s any packet loss or spikes in response times. If that looks good, try the address on hop 18, and keep going down until you find the first one you’re getting packet loss on. If you’re getting packet loss on hop 17, then try the address on hop 14 and up until you find the first one that gives NO packet loss.

Bottom line, what you want to find is two hops right beside eachother where the closer one gives a stable connection and the further one gives an unstable connection.

The above will determine where the packet is being dropped. BUT there’s also a huge amount of latency being added at various hops inside telstraglobal (which I assume is the company your ISP is using to transfer data). You may want to talk to your ISP just about this latency alone, even outside of the packet-loss issue.

To give you some perspective, here’s my tracert to the same, where green is my ISP, and blue is the equivilant to your telstraglobal . net. The ping times don’t spike for me until it’s on another continent.

On yours just the difference between hop 9 and hop 14 seems a bit excessive. Maybe your ISP could have a better answer.

I know this is a lot of information, feel free to ask questions and I can try to help.

This morning (my time) when I went to Boori to do some mining, the connection problem seem to have been resolved. I suspect it may be a bandwidth issue somewhere on the connection. Its off peak hour when I was there.