Prodecurally Generated Plants

In NMS (some of you know what i’m talking about) There is a thing called Procedural Generation. It generates random stuff with a protocol. I was thinking: We could add randomly generated plants to boundless! Example:

A. Horus
This plant has been around since the ancient times of the oort. It appears to be mutated by the oort.
Found on: Biitula (like forged by stat)

There are 2 randomly generated plants per planet. Heres another example
E. Aten
This plant blazes like a meteor. This plant also spreads through it’s habitat quickly so contain it with care.
Found on: Biitula

Then there can be exo plants

E. Isis
This plant is as white as snow. If it gets any darker than this, it’s process of photosynthesis will be halted.
Found on: Eigyptia (fictional Burn T6 exo)

And so on