Progression based on what you actually do

Back when voting for features to be implemented was still a thing, I’m one of those people who wanted a progression system that will give rewards related on what the player is actually doing. The other system obviously was the one implemented hence the skill points reward.

I apologize for necroing this topic but seeing how the “Feat” was implemented, I can’t help but to feel that the supporting system is already there and just need to “tweak” it a little for probably the better?. We could just replace the exp and coin rewards for something along the skills related attribute/skill. For example:

Format: [Feat] - [Reward]

  • Kill 1000 spitters - +10% damage to spitters
  • Mine 10000 rocks - +10% damage to rocks
  • Mine 20000 rocks - +10% swing speed
  • Place 10000 blocks - +10% block placement speed
  • Sold 1000 item - -+10% tax reduction
  • And many more exciting rewards

With this kind of rewarding system, I feel like this encourages the player to focus on what their profession do and separates them to others who just mined 2000 rocks and put skill points on crafting and call themselves “crafter” (psssh :roll_eyes:)

This does not intend to overhaul the current skill system but just something to be added to. I understand that it might not be as easy as it looks but, as I said before, I really just can’t help it. Something really good like this and seeing the current feat system feels like it’s a shame for this not to be implemented (Unless people doesn’t really like this type of progression…). How far-fetched is this idea?


thats something I was suggesting too a long time ago - not exact details but the idea that at least part of experience earned could be locked for use on the skills related to the task that you do, exactly to avoid the situation when I can create a fighter character through mining alone (or different way around) and never do the actual activity I’m planning for my character until I learn enough skills for it to be efficient


These is a good suggestion. Though the devs had some arguments about it at the time. These is one of the recent topics about it. That goes very nicely with the topic at hand.

This sort of thing relates to how doing something should reward you for doing it. I suggested something like a mastery back then, but it was complicating things a bit.

What I would suggest to make things easier and keep the spotlight on the current skill system is something along those lines:

  • The last feat in a line (mine 10 rocks, 100 rocks, …, 1000000 rocks) will grant access to a “Master” skill. To be able to unlock this skill, you’ll need both to unlock the previous skills related to it, have the feat achieved and the required skill points.

  • That way, specialized players can satisfy the need to have an increased boost once they hit “mastery” and that way feats serve a more useful purpose, than just granting extra EXP.

  • That special unlocked skill will maybe give an active or a pasive to what you do.

  • Crafter related skills will go pertaining added queue.

  • Miners will have like an special rampage mode.

  • Hunters will have a skill to call in creatures.

Tons other suggestions which could be added.


Your proposal is almost identical to: having certain Skills that can only be unlocked it you’ve achieved a certain Feat.

As an example:

Tax Reduction II: Reduces the amount of Tax you pay for items sold by 15%.
Requires: 10 skillpoints, Tax Reduction I and achieved “The Collector” Tier 3 Trader Feat.

I think this would do what you want, but would keep all skills within the Skill system.

Sorry - just realised that @Dzchan94 proposed exactly the same thing.


I agree that what you and @Dzchan94 proposed is a less intrusive implementation of what I’m proposing on the current skill system and is indeed more elegant.

As of the current discussion, feats will be a hard stop on mastery of a certain tree.

Couple of issues that might arise:

  • Balancing should be on point. If I just want to be a pure miner, I don’t want to be banking on lots of skill points just because I haven’t achieved a certain feat yet. I think the consideration would be that, if you’re going on a pure miner build (with mining lots of rocks of course), the amount of rocks mined required for that feat should be somewhat close to exp gained on those rocks to reach that mastery skill of the miners skill tree. I hope it’s clear as I can’t find a better wording to explain it.

  • Explorer mastery could be hard and tricky to implement. Or probably professional explorers would just not be a thing. :laughing: There just doesn’t seem to be enough skills that would logically match explorer feats unless we add more skills…(Swim speed, run speed, wider compass (for settlements visited feat), creep what?lol) because if we don’t, it would make explorers feel like a secondary profession.

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Basically you’re trying to say. The “fastest” you could achieve master miner would be for example level 20. By that point you would’ve unlocked X amount of skill points, they’ll be enough to unlock all the skills pertaining to mining. By that point, if you’ve just focused on mining, you’ll be supposed to have unlocked all the feats related to mining, thus allowing one to basically have all the feats and skills completed by 20 (this is just a random number thrown in).

This seems like an unneeded number crunching thrown in. Firs because daily and weekly rewards are not counted. You can’t really fully mine, as you’ll need to either sell, drop or store the things mined and then craft or buy tools to keep mining. You’ll never be able to fully obtain exp from one source of activity. You’ll be running around, using grapples, killing creatures, etc. Doing numbers just for that pure mining experience, for everything to fit in a box, is just over the top.

Skills relating to mining at the top of my head, could differ greatly.
Basic ones would be: Hammer mastery, dexterity and power.
But you could add into the mix things like jump abilities, grapple mastery, control, environmental and atmosphere resistance, durability, death penalty, etc.

The thing about Boundless, is there’s no one way to do many things. So it seems over the top to do that one way path to master miner unnecessary.

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Yes, that’s one way to explain it. With two our versions of that explanation, that should be clear enough for the readers.:grin:

I believe that’s where the “on point” comes in. I didn’t mean that all of those exps will just be purely from mining. I just want to prevent a situation where I have for example, 50 sp on bank and can’t progress on my beloved mining profession. In some way, it can be a scenario to put off a player that’s why I’m just cautious of this. I know this could get down to “number crunching” but I believe that’s how balance is made (could REALLY be a lot of work though as there are a lot of masteries…). If only we could find a generic solution for this.:thinking:

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