Prop: Litter Bin

We have storage for demonstration of our stuff. But it’s more relevant to store stuff in crafting tables because it have two times more capacity.

Since you can craft not only from table’s container but also from your inventory, the necessarity of the last had vanish. We can to use the table without inner container but we still need to store a lot of different kind of woods, stones, soils, foliage, seeds, leafs, trophies and more others more than to demonstrate it on shelves and storage blocks.

And so I suggest to remove table’s inner container and add some kind of litter bin instead of. IMHO these bins must have two more slots per block than shelves — 6 at all. It not need to be stackable like storages but if it will join to crafting table it could be an advantage. Four nearly Bins for each table is enough I think.

Litter Bins could have progression as other decorative blocks “wood–stone–metal–alloys–gem/gleam” or alternative progression “wood–cloth–leather”. It’s very important to have possibility to craft Bin very early — with your first table or right after.


So it sounds like you want to:

  1. Remove the storage from the crafting table, and instead crafting tables can pull inputs from adjacent storage
  2. Add a new type of storage bin, where you can’t see the contents but it has 6+ item slots

I like the idea of (1), it makes designing a workshop layout a more interesting challenge. (2) has been brought up many times before, personally I am in favor but not everyone agrees

About the name: litter bin to me implies I can put stuff here to delete it from the world. Which would also be useful, but not what you described :slight_smile:

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Sure I don’t want to call it “trash can” or something like. But I don’t sure how to call a place for socks, shirts, cups, orbs and any other kind of things which I need to have nearby.

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