Props and Room Features

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What if there were props that helped “room types”. Like maybe if you put tables and chairs in a space where you craft food, it can help craft the food faster because the plot would be recognized as a “kitchen” or something like that. Maybe having lots of plants and low levels of water could be a “spa” area and could naturally regenerate your health faster.

This would allow for more props to actually fill our cities full of buildings so there’s something to do in the buildings and not just the outside. Maybe having certain blocks that boost movement speed when walking across them that would be great for roads.


We could use this to brainstorm room props and what they would give if people want.

Or teleport blocks like Saffron Gym in pokemon. Would make for interesting maze like builds and the start of “dungeons” people have been asking for

That’s true. I have an idea of making a “glass maze” too. I think that’d be pretty trippy.

Wait, isn’t that just portals anyways?!

Could be, but the block im talking about wouldnt take a constant stream of oort. Maybe require oort to make the block and thats it

And a much more limited space, like within same plot. Would be good for city infrastructure too

Kitchen- Decrease heat needed for food and boosts speed- Cauldrons and bases, Maybe pot racks, Seasoning set, table, chair
Dining Room- Lowers tax rate for items on sell- props would be a certain number of tables and chairs
Bedroom- Boosts healing within beacon- Have chair, dresser, mirror, bed as props
Spa- Boosts healing within beacon- Certain amount of water, foliage, towel rack, “steam” machine
Library- Boosts xp gain- Books, chairs, tables,
Guild Hall- Boosts endeavor gained by guild members- Make a special larger, “Guild table”, Guild book
Portal Hub- Having X amount of portals would reduce the need of oort by 10 or 20%

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I totaly agree with these idea !

It would be really interesting to give a meaning to construction other than aesthetic. This could make it possible to animate the cities in a way other than through trade. There is much more mall in this game than other things…

Sounds like a feng shui mechanic. I can get behind this. Totally loved it in Animal Crossing and it was fun decorating rooms that just clicked together.

Exactly! I think it would help diversify builds to be more then just giant empty towers too. The towers are cool, but imagine being able to actually explore them!