Props-Another way to give us more with....less ;)

Let us have control of the rotation of props. This is the underside of a beacon. If I could rotate this and stand it on it’s end, why it’d be a nice little planter/dirt for my pretty plants. More control means I can do more…with what I already have available to me…beacon1


Did you know you can also place things on top of the beacon in the fire?

Jack o lantern look amazing in them and rose vases

Yeah, I’ve used them in that way though not rose vases!

I saw the planter before I even started reading. That’s a nice look. Rotating them should totally be possible!

In EverQuest 2, after several years, we were given the ability to rotate items. From that day forward it was a badge of honor to investigate all items from all angles and see what crazy things we could find. It started after one person rotated a platter of ham and discovered a beautiful ivy pattern on the underside of the platter. It started this mad rush to see what everything looked like from all sides and I just can’t break the habit.

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