Props Preview: Doors

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We should have some decorative blocks that match the doors to. :slight_smile:


Love every inch of it. Simply leak to me the recipies, and I will make plans to corner the market. A private chat will do :innocent:


This is Great! i hope to see them soon in the game.


fangirl anna

OMG OMG i love alllll the doors!!! cant wait to see them in game! :purple_heart:


when will those doors be there? :slight_smile:


Probably at 1.0 release
I think as from today :smile:


@jesshyland easier question for you, Are you allowed to share dates of when the so very awesome doors you’ve created, will be implemented?

James did say only 2 things will happen before 1.0, but…


I haven’t even finished creating all the assets yet! :laughing: I can say that I am currently working on the very last door of the lot though… it’s pretty fancy(I hope y’all are going to love it!) so it’s taking more time than the rest. Implementation time after the assets are made shouldn’t take too long, but it depends on when the design team can find the time to create the crafting recipes and blocktypes. So much to do!


Thank You very much. Not rushing you at all. Was just curious. Much appreciated the update.