PS Account Question

Just curious if I can login to my boundless account on a different psn account

Loaded into boundless on a new psn account, and there’s an option to login with email or username; Username login didn’t work, email login is impossible as you can’t input ‘@‘ and full stops into the text box on ps5

Cheers in advance

You can use a usb keyboard on playstation. That might allow you to use the @ sign, etc.

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to answer your question, no you cannot.
you can only log in to the same boundless account on a different platform

  • steam
  • PlayStation network

but you cannot login twice on a different account on any of the 2 platforms shown above.
it is bound to your account, I’m not aware if there’s a way to remove a connected boundless account


Additionally, it’s important to note that character progress does not transfer between platforms.

For instance, if you have a Boundless account named LordCozza on PSN with 10 characters created, logging into the same Boundless account on Steam (also named LordCozza) will result in starting anew, with zero characters.

What’s intriguing is that certain messages, such as private messages (PMs), and in-game notifications, are synchronized across platforms. This means that regardless of whether you’re playing on PlayStation or Steam, you’ll receive notifications for PMs or shop transactions on both platforms.

Here’s an example scenario to illustrate this feature: Let’s say your Boundless character on PlayStation is named Cozza, but you’re playing on Steam. If someone sends you a PM or you make a sale in your shop, you’ll receive the notification message on your Steam account as well. Even more exciting is the ability to respond to PMs using your Steam account while still embodying your PSN character. It’s a seamless cross-platform communication experience!
at least i love it!


I used steam’s family share once to let someone play. I think PSN calls it gameshare or something.

There are other anecdotes around. If you actually share it with a friend and they get invested in a character, they can’t buy the game for that character. They’ll have to start over.

Anyways on steam you couldn’t log into both for more than a few moments anyways. When the ‘owner’ logs in it kicks off anyone on the shared key.

That’s in addition to what HOST is saying, if you share the key you don’t share character slots or any other stuff you gain, it’s a new set of characters each time it’s used. So if you want to move stuff between platforms or accounts you need to do it in world.